The Future of the Democrat Party

Al Loco: How incompetent is she? Let us count the ways!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Economic Genius


Dana Loesch: Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is a Gift to the GOP




“$40 TRILLION is a Lot of Money…” Even CNN Can’t Accept Ocasio-Cortez’s Socialist B.S.



One of these videos says O-C has a degree in economics; another says she has a degree in international relations. According to her bio at Wikipedia, “She graduated cum laude from Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations.” At Boston University, “cum laude” means she graduated with a B+ average overall. Her course load likely included 12 courses each in economics and international relations, plus two writing courses, as well as two courses each from the natural sciences, the humanities, and math & computer science area. That course load fills up the usual four courses per semester over four years college experience. I’m guessing she tested out of the language proficiency requirement, because her mother was born in Puerto Rico and likely raised her to be bilingual.

The fourth video cites this article which is 22 pages long, double spaced, and free to download.

The Costs of a National Single-Payer Healthcare System by Charles Blahous

Abstract: The leading current bill to establish single-payer health insurance, the Medicare for All Act (M4A), would, under conservative estimates, increase federal budget commitments by approximately $32.6 trillion during its first 10 years of full implementation (2022–2031), assuming enactment in 2018. This projected increase in federal healthcare commitments would equal approximately 10.7 percent of GDP in 2022, rising to nearly 12.7 percent of GDP in 2031 and further thereafter. Doubling all currently projected federal individual and corporate income tax collections would be insufficient to finance the added federal costs of the plan. It is likely that the actual cost of M4A would be substantially greater than these estimates, which assume significant administrative and drug cost savings under the plan, and also assume that healthcare providers operating under M4A will be reimbursed at rates more than 40 percent lower than those currently paid by private health insurance

The third video also references this article from the National Examiner:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has terrible ideas on healthcare by Sally Pipes

“Single-payer has been miserably failing in both the United Kingdom and Canada. When the British National Health Service turned 70 this month, it was marked (as it has been for decades) by doctor shortages, waiting lists, and hours long delays in emergency rooms. The system now has fewer doctors, nurses, and hospital beds than almost any other country in the western world on a per-capita basis. … Canada has the same problems.

“These calamities aren’t surprising. They are endemic to socialized medicine, which replaces the genius of the decentralized free market with the whims of a handful bureaucrats and central planners. Since healthcare is “free,” demand explodes and the only way for governments to control costs is by underpaying doctors and rationing care. That means that care is rationed, increasing wait times, and governments are forced to raise extra revenue to pay for added healthcare costs.

“The conclusion is clear: Socialized medicine means poor care for everyone. It would be a huge mistake to bring it here.”

One other point … the article specifically mentions “underpaying doctors” but does not follow with what should be the obvious next step problem. I.e., fewer top quality people becoming doctors.

It takes four years to get a pre-med B.S., then four more years for medical school. The average medical student graduates with a debt of over $170,000. []

Specialties require an internship, usually one year, and a residency, which can be three or more years, during which the pay is nowhere near commensurate with what they can now earn once they’re fully qualified in a specialty. One final-year radiology resident calculated that her choice of a medical career had cost her over $2.6 million in lost wages, benefits, and added educational costs.

WHY would anyone do that only to become a slave to federal bureaucrats who decide what can and cannot be done for patients, require mountains of paperwork, and pay crap wages? Those who have a real calling to be doctors. The rest would go into more lucrative professions where their big brains and willingness to work long hours would pay off bigly.

This is why countries like the UK and Canada, which have had single-payer (government-run) healthcare systems for decades, provide such rotten service. Yeah, the care is “free” … but the costs are exorbitant.


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  1. Holy Moley! Thanks for posting these. I think.

    I’ve played some interviews with her, but mostly I’m just listening while looking at some other task – and her insipid ideas, stuttering delivery, and irritating vocal fry are bad enough to bear – but that last video was riveting: those big bug eyes looking right at the camera, wide-open windows into a vacuous soul! I couldn’t watch it all in one sitting.

    Which led me to search for a body-language vid on bug-eyes. Bombards has it.