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Now that the democrats have stolen back the House they will put their master plan into effect.They will try to encumber the president with endless subpoenas and prattling about nothing in particular.We will end up gaining one seat in the Senate,when it should have been 4-5 seats if not for rampant criminality by the still-minority party.If the democrats cannot steal the presidency in 2020,the only thing republicans can do is keep nominating decent judges,thanks to Harry Reid’s short sighted bullying tactics.
Judiciary Committee processes Trump nominees over Democrats’ objections

Senators returned to Washington Tuesday and immediately picked up where they left off — processing President Trump’s judicial nominees, over the objections of Democrats.

The Judiciary Committee held a hearing for Paul B. Matey, nominated to the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and for four district court picks.

Mr. Matey’s nomination is particularly controversial because it marks another round in the fight over Senate traditions and courtesies and their abuse in the era of Mr. Trump.
Mr. Matey is slated to fill a seat on the appeals court that’s traditionally ascribed to New Jersey. But that state’s senators, both Democrats, object to the president’s pick, and have withheld their “blue slips” to signify their opposition.

“To say that my objections to this judge is just because they’re conservative is just not fair,” Sen. Cory Booker said, arguing he wasn’t properly consulted on Mr. Matey’s nomination. “Nobody has asked me what my objections might be.”

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