More Mooch News..As If You Needed It

Instead of stewing about the hijacking of our way of life for a while, I thought I’d let my snarky side out.

Michelle Obama on Meeting Husband: ‘I Have My Suspicions When a Bunch of White Folks Fawn Over a Black Man’

I sure hate to burst your bubble girlfriend, but he was in love with a white girl for some time. He decided that when he decided to run for political office it would be bad to have a white wife, so he dumped her in favor of a water buffalo as graceless as a camel and the manners of a goat. Just be thankful the media fell madly in love with his half black ass. Like Hillary, you wouldn’t be anywhere without your husband.

In a sit-down interview with Robin Roberts of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” former first lady Michelle Obama shared her story about the first time she met her future husband, Barack Obama.

Obama revealed she was found Barack attractive, but she had her “suspicions” because a bunch of white people were fawning over him.

Roberts interrupted, “Not interested?”

“Off limits,” Obama continued. “Not even not interested. I’m not going to date one of the few black summer associates, Robin, how tacky.”

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