Don’t Bet On It

I get so tired of all the breathless rants of the Right about:

‘this will sink the dems”
‘somebody’s going to jail’
‘there will be hell to pay’

Sorry, I’ll believe any democrat is punished for their inherent criminality when I see it.

Look, democrats are inveterate liars. It’s what defines them. They’d never win anything if they were forced to tell the truth. They are also naturally prone to criminality, given the absence of any morals, conscience or being encumbered by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

They will not change. As long as they get away with it, they’ll do it.

‘Incompetence’: Broward Election Chief Likely To Be Forced From Office By Scott, DeSantis


Suspending Snipes from office would put a final exclamation point on one of the most contested midterms in recent Florida history, which has resulted in three statewide recounts — for U.S. Senate, governor and agriculture commissioner — as well as recounts in three local legislative races. Removal proceedings in the GOP-led Florida Senate could also cause a possible rift among Florida state Senate Democrats if the black caucus rallies around Snipes in the same way it did around her predecessor, who was also African-American, more than a decade ago.

Snipes’ attorney, Burnadette Norris-Weeks, said Snipes is being unfairly attacked, along with Palm Beach County’s supervisor, Susan Bucher.

“Political gamesmanship at its best,” Norris-Weeks said via email. “The Broward County and Palm Beach County Supervisors of Elections (and the canvassing boards for both counties) have done nothing more than count all votes as required by law. Ridiculous!”

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