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I saw a funny thing on our walk today. We had a light “winter wonderland” snow fall, but it’s above freezing now, so it’s melting. As I was walking, I heard rain and realized it was all the melting snow dripping off the branches of the trees. Usually, under the trees is where you go to get out of the rain. Today, it was dry everywhere BUT under the trees. LOL

HAPPY GRAMMY, PART ONE: So Mama and the Buzz Horde took me to my checkup yesterday morning. Would you BELIEVE my bp was wayyy up? The nurse went and got a different sphygmomanometer (how cool is it that I can just write that without googling) and did it two more times. Yup. Wayy up. The nurse and then the doctor were all like “oh my” and I was all like, “GRANDCHILDREN.” Do you know what it takes to get three sleepy kids dressed and into the car to get anywhere on TIME? I mean, yeah, of course you do. So do I. But I’m not USED to it any more is my point. So, yes, BP. Anyway, my doc is an osteopath, so I get all the medical stuff plus Osteopathic Manipulation. And, would you BELIEVE … my ribs were kinda messed up. Nooooooooo … really??

2018_11 10 Grammy and Walter

HAPPY GRAMMY, PART TWO: The Buzzers left yesterday, I got a good night’s rest, and this afternoon Army Princess and Grandbabygirl ARE COMING!! WHEE!!!

2018_11 Crenshaw

SNL: THIS IS ACTUALLY VERY FUNNY! Also touching and wise. Watch it all the way through, please.

DAN CRENSHAW: He is another member of the in-coming “freshman class” in Congress, which includes 15 veterans. He showed his fake eye in a campaign video and I wondered why it looks so peculiar. “Dan Crenshaw’s good eye is good enough, but it’s not great. The iris is broken. The retina is scarred. He needs a special oversized contact lens, and bifocals sometimes, to correct his vision. Six years after getting blown up, he can still see a bit of debris floating in his cornea. His bad eye? Well, his bad eye is gone. Under his eye patch is a false eye that is deep blue. At the center of it, where a pupil should be, is the gold trident symbol of the Navy SEALs. It makes Dan Crenshaw look like a Guardian of the Galaxy.”

BUILDING RESILIENCE: Resilience is the ability to bounce back from life’s inevitable disappointments, failures, and pains. It’s like the shock absorbers in a car. This 5 minute video from Prager University explains how we all can build resilience and thus be better prepared to handle the challenges of real life. Methinks leftists really need some of this! They act like having Trump in the White House is the equivalent of getting a Stage Four cancer diagnosis.

BWAHAHA: Jim Acosta and CNN have sued, yes SUED, the President of the United States over Acosta having his press pass revoked. The case has been assigned to Trump appointee, Judge Timothy J. Kelly, who was a former counsel to Chuck Grassley. Perhaps Jim should just apologize?

BOB WOODWARD: Shortly after news broke about the Acosta/CNN temper tantrum … I mean, law suit, the legendary Watergate reporter commented, “The remedy [isn’t a lawsuit], it’s more serious reporting.”

2018_11 Trump fights back

SENATE COUNT: Republican Martha McSally has conceded to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, giving Democrats their second senate seat pick-up. Republicans flipped ND, IN, and MO, but lost Nevada and now Arizona, giving them a net gain of one seat. If Republicans win the recount in Florida, they will increase their majority by two seats to 53-47. Republicans are expected to win the Senate runoff in Mississippi on Nov. 27.

HILLARY: Mark Penn, her 2008 pollster and advisor to both Clintons for over a decade, and Mark Stein, a who’s who in conventional liberal politics, write in the Wall Street Journal:

Get ready for Hillary Clinton 4.0. More than 30 years in the making, this new version of Mrs. Clinton, when she runs for president in 2020, will come full circle—back to the universal-health-care-promoting progressive firebrand of 1994. True to her name, Mrs. Clinton will fight this out until the last dog dies. She won’t let a little thing like two stunning defeats stand in the way of her claim to the White House.

Ummm … “til the last dog dies.” Are we speaking of Hillary here? Will we not be rid of her until she’s actually COLD?

MEDIA BIAS: ABC’s 20/20 special on Michelle Obama Sunday night was about what you’d expect from the same network who hailed the “transcendent, communal joy” and “dancing in the streets” after Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008. While just a few weeks ago, ABC’s 20/20 on Melania Trump spent nearly every minute on controversies and strife in the White House and their marriage, this episode on the Obamas was a complete 180 in tone and content, with not even a brief mention of Obama’s own controversies.

MEDIA BIAS: In a true act of anti-Semitism, the Hamas terrorist organization launched hundreds of Qassam rockets and other projectiles into southern Israel on Monday. While the Iron Dome defense system intercepted most of the weapons, a few managed to get through, striking homes and businesses. This attack, which many say was the largest since the 2014 war, didn’t get airtime on CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News. Instead, they hyperventilated about dumb high school kids apparently giving the “Nazi salute”.

SAN FRANCISCO: SF is one of the most “progressive” cities in the country, which is why you wouldn’t want to live there. The heavy hand of government rent control has made housing unaffordable, so golly gee whiz, guess what?! They have a YUGE homeless problem. Their solution, natch, is to “tax companies making over $50 million to come up with $250 to $300 million a year” to get more money for “homeless spending.” Here’s an idea … deport the illegals, crack down on the drug dealers, and let landlords charge what it actually costs them to maintain decent housing. Oh wait. San Francisco is run by Democrats. Scratch all that and, by all means, tax the big businesses until they decide it’s cheaper to move to a more business friendly community.

QUEENS: Bill de Blasio welcomed Amazon and his thousands of good jobs to Queens. Lefties did what Lefties do. They bitched. Moaned. Complained. Predicted doom and gloom for … wait for it … “will benefit the working class people of Queens.” Why do they have such a hard time understanding that working class people want to … you know … work?

HATING ON “WHITE WOMEN”: “‘Republican white women are the problem.’ Leftists insist upon judging people by their skin color, their sex and their political ideology rather than the content of their character.” Democrats are full of s**t about this issue. When a Democrat white male runs against a Republican black female, they vote Democrat. Because they vote values the same as we do. Oh, and by the way, we think THEIR values suck too.

DEMOCRAT WOMEN: From Twitchy, “Alexandra Ocasio Cortez made her first visit to Nancy Pelosi’s office — for a climate change protest. It isn’t clear here is whether or not she was actually protesting Nancy on climate change but either way … HA! Folks, this is gonna be SO MUCH fun to watch. Just wait until Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Elizabeth Warren go after Hillary Clinton during the Democrat primaries for 2020. Seriously, they’re going to eat one another and all we’ll need to do is sit back and laugh.” My favorite tweet comment, “I guess she found a place to live. What a foolish young woman.” Yup.

2018_11 Everyone is Hitler

SCIENCE AND GOD: This Prager University video discusses how science has shown how extraordinarily unlikely life is in our universe. Another great source is Michael Behe’s “The Edge of Evolution” where he explores the scientific reasons why Darwinian evolution can account for nothing more than the simplest changes in the genome. And those are primarily destructive, not constructive.

GOOD TO KNOW: How to handle falling through thin ice. You know, besides staying off the ice in the first place. When I was a kid, I was crossing ice that appeared thick enough because kids were skating on it. But I fell through a soft spot. I don’t remember how I got out.

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More Mooch News..As If You Needed It

Instead of stewing about the hijacking of our way of life for a while, I thought I’d let my snarky side out.

Michelle Obama on Meeting Husband: ‘I Have My Suspicions When a Bunch of White Folks Fawn Over a Black Man’

I sure hate to burst your bubble girlfriend, but he was in love with a white girl for some time. He decided that when he decided to run for political office it would be bad to have a white wife, so he dumped her in favor of a water buffalo as graceless as a camel and the manners of a goat. Just be thankful the media fell madly in love with his half black ass. Like Hillary, you wouldn’t be anywhere without your husband.

In a sit-down interview with Robin Roberts of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” former first lady Michelle Obama shared her story about the first time she met her future husband, Barack Obama.

Obama revealed she was found Barack attractive, but she had her “suspicions” because a bunch of white people were fawning over him.

Roberts interrupted, “Not interested?”

“Off limits,” Obama continued. “Not even not interested. I’m not going to date one of the few black summer associates, Robin, how tacky.”

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Mooch Gets Her Knickers In A Twist

Michelle Obama says Melania Trump has never reached out to her for advice


Talk about a target rich environment.

My diseased mind didn’t spend long on these. It was really easy.

Here are a few of the reasons Melania has never ‘reached out to her’

1. She has a staff of five…you needed 36. One to carry your feedbag and a farrier in case you threw a shoe.
2. She doesn’t need pilot cars and a ‘WIDE LOAD’ sign when she goes anywhere.
3. Her wardrobe doesn’t come from the men’s Big and Tall department at WalMart.
4. She speaks five languages. None of them contain the words: ‘y’all’ and ‘shtruggle’.
5. She calls Trump her husband,not her ‘baby daddy.’
6. She doesn’t have a parasitic mother living upstairs.
7. She doesn’t have so many homeys it takes an entire hotel in Spain at $2,200/night to house them all-at taxpayer expense
8. If she were in Africa she couldn’t scare a pack of hyenas way from a fresh kill because she was hungry.
9. Major dress makers didn’t have to change their tags to “one size fits most.”
10. Her evening gowns are not made of canvas.

The text of the story is that she was hawking her new ghost-written book, “becoming” and whining about Laura Bush offering her help, but Melania has never called her. I didn’t post any actual text. You can read it here. I just took this opportunity to vent a little. Lord knows we all need to.

After all, the article is from the Washington Compost, so who cares?

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Don’t Bet On It

I get so tired of all the breathless rants of the Right about:

‘this will sink the dems”
‘somebody’s going to jail’
‘there will be hell to pay’

Sorry, I’ll believe any democrat is punished for their inherent criminality when I see it.

Look, democrats are inveterate liars. It’s what defines them. They’d never win anything if they were forced to tell the truth. They are also naturally prone to criminality, given the absence of any morals, conscience or being encumbered by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

They will not change. As long as they get away with it, they’ll do it.

‘Incompetence’: Broward Election Chief Likely To Be Forced From Office By Scott, DeSantis


Suspending Snipes from office would put a final exclamation point on one of the most contested midterms in recent Florida history, which has resulted in three statewide recounts — for U.S. Senate, governor and agriculture commissioner — as well as recounts in three local legislative races. Removal proceedings in the GOP-led Florida Senate could also cause a possible rift among Florida state Senate Democrats if the black caucus rallies around Snipes in the same way it did around her predecessor, who was also African-American, more than a decade ago.

Snipes’ attorney, Burnadette Norris-Weeks, said Snipes is being unfairly attacked, along with Palm Beach County’s supervisor, Susan Bucher.

“Political gamesmanship at its best,” Norris-Weeks said via email. “The Broward County and Palm Beach County Supervisors of Elections (and the canvassing boards for both counties) have done nothing more than count all votes as required by law. Ridiculous!”

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CNN and Jim Acosta SUING Trump!!

LOL! That is hilarious. I find it really hard to believe that there’s any basis on which CNN could argue that their access is necessary. But who knows, there are plenty of crackhead judges out there who will agree to anything just to hurt Republicans…

CNN gearing up to sue over Jim Acosta’s suspended White House press pass

Donaldson said he was told about the possible legal action because “I’ve been asked to give an affidavit, which I prepared, to be submitted to the court.”

Donaldson — who, like Acosta, had confrontational interactions with administrations he covered for ABC News during his decades-long career — said he had spoken with the CNN correspondent about the furor.

“I emailed him and said, ‘Keep it up, don’t worry about the vicious attacks on you by anybody, and the threats and all of this. You’re performing in the best appearance of a reporter, you’re doing your job properly, and it’s a badge of merit,'” Donaldson said.

Also on the show was Floyd Abrams, a constitutional law expert, who said CNN would have a “really strong lawsuit” against the White House.

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Did You Know About This?

End of 1982 Consent Decree: GOP finally can contest vote fraud after 36 years

Did you know that since 1982, the Republican Party had been legally prohibited from contesting elections due to suspected vote fraud, because of a legal agreement called the Consent Decree the GOP made with the Democrat Party?

Finally, 36 years later, a judge has ended the agreement, freeing the Republican Party to ensure electoral integrity by investigating and pursuing suspected vote fraud.

In 1981, during the gubernatorial election in New Jersey (NJ), a lawsuit was brought against the Republican National Committee (RNC), the NJ Republican State Committee (RSC), and three individuals.

To settle the lawsuit, in 1982 — while Ronald Reagan was President (1981-1989) — the RNC and RSC entered into an agreement or Consent Decree, which is national in scope, limiting the RNC’s ability to engage or assist in voter fraud prevention unless the RNC obtains the court’s approval in advance.

To put it bluntly, the Consent Decree in effect gave a carte blanche to the Democrat Party to commit vote fraud in every voting district across America that has, in the language of the Consent Decree, “a substantial proportion of racial or ethnic populations.” The term “substantial proportion” is not defined.

Since 1982, the Consent Decree had been renewed every year by the original judge, Carter appointee District Judge Dickinson R. Debevoise, who, even after he retired, returned every year for the sole purpose of renewing his 1982 order for another year.

Debevoise died in August 2015.

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Will Trump be the Last Republican President?

Barring unforeseen circumstances, Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020. He is that once in a generation man who God chose for His mission. When his second term ends in 2024 that will be the end. The country will have deteriorated into shards of the greatness it once had and it will surrender to the UN One World chaos. There is a very good chance I will not live long enough to see it, which would be a blessing in itself.

There is no one out there who can connect with the people as Trump does. If any of the other 17 were to win the presidency, they would be overwhelmed by the media onslaught and siren song of the establishment and globalists, pushing for Chamber of Commerce objectives of lousy trade deals, open borders, and moderate judicial picks.

Florida, with close results for Senate and Governor on election night, the losers having already conceded, is in the process of being hijacked by the Democrats. The Florida agricultural commissioner race has already been stolen and flipped to the Democrat. The Senate and Governor races are heading in the same direction. Unless the GOP fights back hard, these two races will also be stolen.

I suspect that the Democrats in Broward County have learned from their mistakes in 2000 and will make sure that in a close presidential election, the necessary votes will be found after the fact to convert a slim Republican victory into Democrat hands.

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Democrats waiting to fire Subpeona Cannon

House Democrats say they have 85 subpoenas ready to be launched from a “subpoena cannon.” The Democrats are gonna be subpoenaing Trump’s tax records. They’re going to be requesting all information on Russia that Bob Mueller does not have. I actually saw this little Pencil Neck Schiff guy say they want to make sure that Mueller has everything he needs, as though Mueller may have been frozen out learning some Russian stuff and the Democrats are gonna make sure that he finds it and gets it.

Democrats Reportedly Have a ‘Subpoena Cannon’ Aimed at Over 85 Trump Targets

These subpoenas will not come out at once. Democrat California Rep. Adam Schiff, who will take over the House Intelligence Committee, told Axios that the committee will “prioritize what they view as the most pressing topics, which he says range from Trump’s potential business dealings with Russia to where things currently stand with North Korea.”


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While We Were Watching Florida

The democrats literally STOLE the Senate seat of a veteran and combat pilot who had won her race. Then, as always, the miserable democrats manufactured enough fraudulent votes to rip it from her.

THIS IS KIRSTEN SINEMA, the next senator from Arizona.

McSally originally led in the vote count. However, Sinema was able to rack up mail-in votes following Election, eventually surpassing her Republican opponent.

Before becoming a U.S. representative, Sinema was involved in numerous protests against the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, with some of her past actions resurfacing.

McSally, on the other-hand, was fiercely attacked for her vote in the House to repeal Obamacare, a law she has long criticized.

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The Holy Trinity of the Totalitarian Left

I have a couple days off, so I’m here to provide quantity, since quality is not necessarily in my repertoire.

  1. Mobs to intimidate political opponents into silence.
  2. Voter Fraud to steal elections they cannot otherwise win.
  3. Weaponizing Government to punish political opponents.

After demanding that we bow before their Baal—this Holy Trinity of the Totalitarian Left—they promise to be civil to us if we let them have their way. How benevolent of them.

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