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I’m up early-early again, so I have some time before my doctor’s appointment to read Pete’s posts and get a start on my post.

Dearest is with his sibs, planning their mom’s funeral, so the Buzzers stayed over an extra night to get me to my appointment. I used to be responsible enough to maneuver a 66-passenger school bus full of screaming children over highways and byways. Now I can’t even pilot a car. Meh.

On the plus side, I am now the HAPPY owner of an out-gassed Kindle paper white reader with a thick case that is allowing me to actually use it. I am sensitive to EMFs, which is a real thing, even if the medical community has yet to figure that out. Walking past the transformer on our street makes my teeth ache, literally. I can use a cordless land line, but I have to put it on speaker and set it down. Dearest bought an EMF detector and scanned all my living areas. Fortunately, everything was okay except one clock, which went in the trash. And we didn’t dare install WiFi.

One time, when I was having a hard time with the whining of the drill, my dentist gave me a Walkman with headphones. It helped a lot but the batteries wore out really fast. He changed them for fresh and they again ran right down. I suggested it was me, so he put new ones in again and we put it on his tray instead of on my tummy. The batteries lasted until the end of the drilling. Let’s just say … my body is WEIRD.

So anyway, Mama Buzz has been wanting me to try an e-reader, but they’re expensive. And besides the EMF thing, I also have lots of trouble with the chemicals on new stuff. So she brought her older Kindle device with its nifty case that unfolds into a free-standing easel or drapes over my knees. I can read without touching the device. I tried it out in all my favorite reading positions and did well with it, so she’s given it to me for Christmas!! Woohoo!!

PRAYERS NEEDED: The wildfire in northern California has burned 109,000 acres since it first began on Thursday. There are 29 confirmed dead and an additional 228 people unaccounted for. Photo: What used to be a trailer park.

2018_11 Wildfire

FLORIDA SENATE: Gov. Rick Scott, R-FL, filed lawsuits against Broward and Palm Beach counties on Sunday for “willful disregard of the law.” Scott’s Senate campaign is requesting that voting tabulation equipment be impounded after the recount and all ballots preserved. Scott has a 12,562 vote lead over Sen. Bill Nelson, D-FL.

FLORIDA AG: Republican Pam Bondi put the Secretary of State and Florida Department of Law Enforcement on notice Sunday.

2018_11 11 Pam Bondi

OCASIO-CORTEZ: The idea of this airhead having a vote in Congress isn’t at ALL appalling. I’m guessing she’ll be squatting in DC for the rest of her days, just like her “mentors”, Maxine and Nancy. Maybe her “partner” can learn how to abuse the system like their hubbies did, so they can also get filthy rotten rich while in “public service.” The article is well worth your time and I highly recommend you scroll down and read the comments as well. There’s some wonderful SNARK in there!

ACOSTA: Another Democrat toddler. He and O-C should get along great. Oh wait, toddlers are mostly too immature to get along all that much. Never mind.

2018_11 Toddler Acosta

1. NR on DEMOCRAT “LEADERSHIP”: Brenda Snipes “does not deserve to be within a thousand miles of any election office anywhere in these United States. She … has held her position since 2003, in which year her predecessor, Miriam Oliphant, was suspended for ‘grave neglect, mismanagement and incompetence’ and, quite literally, marched out of her office. Alas, Snipes has proven no better at fulfilling her duties than was Oliphant.” – National Review Editors

2. NR on DEMOCRAT “LEADERSHIP”: “The Democratic party’s transformation into an undergraduate intersectionality seminar at Oberlin is proceeding at a remarkable pace. The party’s current strategy is to scream “Racist!” at people voting for Mia Love and Tim Scott while insisting that Jared Kushner’s father-in-law and Benjamin Netanyahu’s best political friend is a scheming anti-Semite. … There are hateful, god-awful elements broadly affiliated with the Right, and hateful, god-awful elements broadly affiliated with the Left. Picking out the worst of them and presenting those specimens as representative is the most sophomoric and cheap kind of politics there is. But that is the strategy to which the Democrats have committed themselves. … Can’t imagine why they lose.” – National Review Editors

POLL WATCHER: Peggy A. Hubbard volunteered as a poll watcher in St. Clair County in Illinois, which has a long history of confirmed cases of voter fraud. Afterwards, she tweeted: “I witnessed attempted voter fraud on Tuesday. 92 yr old woman with dementia who could not speak. A man with 2 drives licenses and 4 different addresses. A woman that didn’t live in the city she was voting in. A man SO drunk he forgot his name. You could smell him from 7 feet away. And, Democrats were going to let them all VOTE! I stopped it.” For standing up to the Democrat Man, Peggy (a black female) has been called Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima, the White Man’s Bed Wench, and the White Man’s Black B*tch. Cuz, you know, Democrats are the party of TOLERANCE and CIVILITY. Or something.

WHEN FAITH MEETS HATE: As the prayerful and the protesters faced each other, the stark contrast in attitude of prayerful peace and rage collided for all the world to witness. There is a beautiful article and slide show at the link.

2018_11 05 Prayer and Protest

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