It Has Occurred To Me

The democrats are in the process of literally stealing two senate seats and a governorship in broad daylight. This is not news; they’ve been doing it every election cycle for at least 58 years. I sense there is something bigger at play here. These crimes are merely a warm up for 2020. If that crooked pig Brenda Snipes, is somehow still in charge of the vote rigging in Broward County, Trump can write off Florida. They will stop at nothing to deny him a fair election.

BOE supervisor in Palm Beach County, Susan Bucher, is every bit as crooked as Brenda Snipes is. They don’t allow any witnesses in the recount room and treat court orders as a joke.

  • On Tuesday, Broward County Elections supervisor Brenda Snipes reported 634,000 votes were cast in the midterm election in her county.
  • On Friday morning, Broward County Elections officials said 717,000 votes were cast in the midterm election.

Broward County Democrats have mysteriously found 83,000 votes in two days!

Palm Beach County REFUSES To Comply With Judge’s Ruling … Emergency Court Hearing


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  1. Excuse me (and delete this) if this is inappropriate (f-word warning) for this lovely family-friendly garden, but it’s a reminder I think we need frequently, especially these days.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Wholly appropriate use of the F word!

      I mainly object to it being used endlessly in place of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs for which the English language has a rich supply of actual WORDS. You know, the kind with MEANINGS

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