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This Moron Is Going To Be A Congresswoman

“How do I get an apartment?” Out of the gates, Ocasio-Cortez complains of not yet getting congresswoman’s salary.

Democratic socialist and Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York announced Thursday that issues like finding an apartment in Washington, D.C., before receiving her congressional salary are “very real.”

“I have three months without a salary before I’m a member of Congress, so how do I get an apartment?” Ocasio-Cortez said to The New York Times. “Those little things are very real.”

However, she noted that she and her partner have been saving money since before leaving her job as a bartender in New York.


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It Has Occurred To Me

The democrats are in the process of literally stealing two senate seats and a governorship in broad daylight. This is not news; they’ve been doing it every election cycle for at least 58 years. I sense there is something bigger at play here. These crimes are merely a warm up for 2020. If that crooked pig Brenda Snipes, is somehow still in charge of the vote rigging in Broward County, Trump can write off Florida. They will stop at nothing to deny him a fair election.

BOE supervisor in Palm Beach County, Susan Bucher, is every bit as crooked as Brenda Snipes is. They don’t allow any witnesses in the recount room and treat court orders as a joke.

  • On Tuesday, Broward County Elections supervisor Brenda Snipes reported 634,000 votes were cast in the midterm election in her county.
  • On Friday morning, Broward County Elections officials said 717,000 votes were cast in the midterm election.

Broward County Democrats have mysteriously found 83,000 votes in two days!

Palm Beach County REFUSES To Comply With Judge’s Ruling … Emergency Court Hearing


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The Devil Went Down To Georgia

GA GOV: Surprise Ballots? Democrats Say They Found New Ballots That Could Torpedo Republicans

Georgia’s gubernatorial race is another contentious battle. Republican Brain Kemp has a two-point lead, but Democrat Stacey Abrams refuses to concede. She bizarrely talks of a “do-over” when it comes to this race.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp (R) led Abrams 51 to 48 percent with 97 percent of precincts reporting when Abrams made her speech.

Abrams seems to be hoping for either a runoff or recount. Under Georgia law, if a candidate fails to clinch over 50 percent, it triggers a runoff that will be held on December 4. Obviously, they want the latter.

A district judge is allowing the search for more democrat votes to continue. And, oh, by the way …

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On the 11th Day of the 11th Month at the 11th Hour

The ‘war to end all wars’ officially ended when the armistice was signed. This is the 100th anniversary of what was originally known as Armistice Day. On a personal note my grandfather’s older brother, Archie, was one of the first two called in the draft from Rockford, Illinois. He died in fighting in the Ardennes.


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Bits & Bytes


BROWARD COUNTY: So the chronically corrupt election officials of this Florida county routinely ensure that only Democrats win? Gosh. Could this possibly be why this is ALSO the home of Democrat Sheriff Scott Israel, aka, the Broward Coward, who kept himself and his armed, trained officers outside Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School until the shooter of innocent students on the inside had run out of bullets?

2018_11 09 Broward

OOOPS: Broward’s elections supervisor accidentally mixed more than a dozen rejected ballots with nearly 200 valid ones

VOTER FRAUD: It is illegal for non-citizens to vote, yet lawyers for Florida Democratic candidates Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson both fought to prevent a non-citizen’s vote from being excluded from the count Friday night. The vote was properly discarded anyway.

DEMOCRAT ADMITS DEMOCRATS ARE STUPID: Obama’s “car czar”, Steven Rattner, tweeted that “poor ballot design in Palm Beach County cost Gore the presidency in 2000 and now similar incompetence may cost Nelson his Senate seat.” Apparently, it’s only Democrat voters who are too dumb to follow instructions. Maybe they’re also too dumb to be voting? Just a thought.

LACK OF SELF-AWARENESS: President Trump’s comments that question the integrity of elections in Arizona and Florida have former Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer thinking he’s setting the stage for 2020 in case he loses. Jon Gabriel tweeted, “So he’s stealing your playbook?” LOL … RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!

COMEY TOO: Hillary isn’t the only high government official who didn’t know the meaning of “classified” and “secure email account.” Fired FBI chief James Comey claimed repeatedly that he never used his private Gmail account for anything classified. A FOIA has revealed that Comey actually used his private Gmail account hundreds of times to conduct government business — and at least seven of those messages were deemed so sensitive by the Justice Department that they declined to release them.

DINESH: Beautiful response to loud, foul-mouthed jerk who interrupted his talk.

MAXINE: Judicial Watch today sent a hand-delivered letter to the chairman and co-chairman of the House Office of Congressional Ethics calling for an investigation into whether Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) violated House ethics rules by encouraging violence against Trump administration Cabinet members.

FACEBOOK SUCKS: Facebook eliminated at least 1.5 billion links to conservative articles since 2017. And it likely made a difference on Tuesday night, since 80% of women age 18-49 have Facebook accounts and get their news from Facebook.

BORDER: At the San Ysidro port of entry, more than 1,000 people are waiting to apply for asylum. Expected wait times are 3-4 weeks. Meanwhile, the caravan with over 6,000 migrants has departed Mexico City en route to our border. Word has it they “demanded” the UN provide them with transportation.

NO LEGISLATION NECESSARY: Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act grants the president the authority to “suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.” Trump’s order limits asylum protections to only those migrants who present themselves at U.S. ports of entry, with the exception of unaccompanied alien children. The aim of the policy is to channel asylum seekers away from illegal border crossings.

ACOSTA IS LYING: Jimbo claims he never touched the intern, but the video shows he clearly did. He was being overly aggressive and obnoxious with the president and made physical contact with someone who was just trying to do her job. It wasn’t okay. And the video of it wasn’t doctored.

Happy birthday to the USMC (one day late).


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