Right Before Our Very Eyes

This is beyond maddening. I’m sick to my stomach of democrats brazenly flaunting the law, thumbing their noses at us as they operate outside the law at will. They are going to literally steal two or possibly three fairly won senate seats by blatantly counting tens of thousands of mysteriously discovered provisional ballots two days after the election was finished.

Rick Scott is having his senate seat stolen right in front of our eyes by a filthy crook named Brenda Snipes, who destroyed republican ballots during the 2016 election. In Arizona,Martha McSally is having her seat stolen after she had won by more than 15,000 votes by Kirsten Sinema. Rick Scott has filed suit in Florida, but the democrats will get away with this outrage. They always do. Get caught cheating after an election? Too bad. Nothing changes; nobody is disqualified. They don’t even bother trying to hide it anymore.

Florida Official Overseeing Vote Count Destroyed Ballots, Accused of Not Removing Dead Voters from Rolls

Progressive Candidate Tim Canova on Broward County Ballot Fiasco: I Warned For Months That Brenda Snipes is a ‘Serial Election Rigger’


Arizona: Latest Ballot Counts Show Sinema With Slim Lead Over McSally

Rubio Warns: Dems Are Actively Trying To Steal The Florida Election

Broward recount shenanigans: 46,000 Democrat votes “found” after election day, with more to come

Democratic recount attorney insists: “Sen. Nelson is going to prevail”


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4 responses to “Right Before Our Very Eyes

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I saw something from the White House about how much better and cleaner this election was because of Team Trump’s supervision and training. Clearly, the pond scum aren’t all gone, but it was heartening to hear that a LOT was done in advance to ensure this election was much better than in recent years.

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      • cth: Clearly, the pond scum aren’t all gone,

        The two most frequent observations about Democracy, seems t’me, are

        (a) Democracy is six wolves and a sheep voting on dinner.

        (b) Democracy is a terrible system; it just happens to be better than any other. (Churchill said something like this, IIRC.)

        Democracy works best when bridled by a well-respected and legally-enforced Constitution, and moderated with governors like the Electoral College, balanced representation, and the three branches separated. All presuming a moral and informed electorate, of course. Easy peasy. 🙄

        The great irony is: Those of us who believe in a Constitutional Republic trust in fair democracy. The so-called “Democrats” really can’t respect the democratic process.

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