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He Ain’t No Sessions

Acting AG Whitaker Pretty Much Tells Dems To Shove It: No Recusal From Overseeing Russia Probe

Two names being floated for AG are Florida SOS, Pam Bondi and, (God forbid!) Chris ‘Krispy Kreme’ Christie.

Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker has no intention of recusing himself from overseeing the special counsel probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election, according to people close to him who added they do not believe he would approve any subpoena of President Trump as part of that investigation.

Since stepping into his new role on Wednesday, Whitaker has faced questions — principally from Democrats — about whether he should recuse from the Russia investigation, given that he has written opinion pieces in the past about the investigation, and is a friend and political ally of a witness.

On Thursday, two people close to Whitaker said he has no intention of taking himself off the Russia case.

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She’s As Delusional As She Is Corrupt

Pelosi: ‘Now We Can Talk About’ Comprehensive Amnesty Bill

In what bizarre universe does she think she can sneak this past the senate and the president?

Pelosi, who also said she is “100%” sure that she will regain her Speakership, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that “now we can talk about how we can come together and put together bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform.”

Conceding that illegal immigration is a losing issue for Republicans, Pelosi revealed that she suggested to Democrats running for Congress to not get into fights with the Trump administration on immigration and instead “stick with lower healthcare costs, bigger paychecks, integrity in government” so they could win their races.


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The Notorious RBG Breaks 3 Ribs

in all seriousness, the liberals are volunteering any body part she needs. She’s 85 years old and intends to stay until there is a democrat president to replace her. The Good lord may have other plans.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg remains hospitalized after she fell in her office, which caused her to break three ribs. From USA Today:

Ginsburg, 85, went home after the fall but continued to experience “discomfort overnight” and went to George Washington Hospital early Thursday. Tests revealed she fractured three ribs and she “was admitted for observation and treatment,” according to the statement.

Unfortunately, at her age, it’s hard for the body to recover from these serious injuries.

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‘They’re Trying to…Shut Us Down’

CNN Gives Acosta Hero’s Welcome After Losing WH Credentials; ‘They’re Trying to…Shut Us Down’

You would expect no less from these self-absorbed, narcissistic cretins.

Just over an hour after CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta had his White House credentials suspended in light of his latest act of showboating, AC360 gave him a hero’s welcome while CNN argued in a statement that “this unprecedented decision is a threat to our democracy” while Acosta asserted that “they’re trying to — to shut us down.”

Host Anderson Cooper welcomed Acosta on as the two sat inside CNN’s D.C. bureau and so Acosta first gave his account of when he tried to return to the White House grounds for a live shot slated for this same program.

With a smirk of contentment on Acosta’s face, Cooper then read through tweets from The New York Times’s Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman plus Reuters’s Jeff Mason and then this sanctimonious statement from CNN:

The White House announced tonight that it has revoked the press pass of CNN’s White House chief correspondent Jim Acosta. It was done in retaliation for his challenging questions at today’s press conference. In an explanation, Press Secretary Sanders lied. She provided fraudulent accusations and cited an incident that never happened. This unprecedented decision is a threat to our democracy and the country deserves better. Jim Acosta has our full support.


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Right Before Our Very Eyes

This is beyond maddening. I’m sick to my stomach of democrats brazenly flaunting the law, thumbing their noses at us as they operate outside the law at will. They are going to literally steal two or possibly three fairly won senate seats by blatantly counting tens of thousands of mysteriously discovered provisional ballots two days after the election was finished.

Rick Scott is having his senate seat stolen right in front of our eyes by a filthy crook named Brenda Snipes, who destroyed republican ballots during the 2016 election. In Arizona,Martha McSally is having her seat stolen after she had won by more than 15,000 votes by Kirsten Sinema. Rick Scott has filed suit in Florida, but the democrats will get away with this outrage. They always do. Get caught cheating after an election? Too bad. Nothing changes; nobody is disqualified. They don’t even bother trying to hide it anymore.

Florida Official Overseeing Vote Count Destroyed Ballots, Accused of Not Removing Dead Voters from Rolls

Progressive Candidate Tim Canova on Broward County Ballot Fiasco: I Warned For Months That Brenda Snipes is a ‘Serial Election Rigger’


Arizona: Latest Ballot Counts Show Sinema With Slim Lead Over McSally

Rubio Warns: Dems Are Actively Trying To Steal The Florida Election

Broward recount shenanigans: 46,000 Democrat votes “found” after election day, with more to come

Democratic recount attorney insists: “Sen. Nelson is going to prevail”


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