What A Day!

Any Time the president holds a press conference with the pack of snarling hyenas who refer to themselves laughingly as “journalists” it’s like a swarm of gnats swarming around a bull elephant. With similar results.

That insufferable boor, Jim Acosta finally went a bridge too far and some woman used to using her race as a shield while she hurled insults called Trump the leader of the white nationalists.

Not mentioned at the presser, but shortly afterwards the president asked for and received Little Jeffy Sessions’ resignation.

The left is outraged because he was their insurance policy against any possible prosecution. Trump pointed out that he has the power to fire Mueller and the rest of the inquisitors, but he won’t.

The fascists published the addresses of several Fox News people and Tucker Carlson and his four children had their home surrounded by masked Antifa goons.

So how was your day?

This is CNN


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One response to “What A Day!

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    CNN’s whining is disingenuous. Trump is as free to call them names as they are to call him names. What he hasn’t done (that Obama did do) is try to use the power of his office to shut them up.


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