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The Senate results were allegedly unfair to Democrats, because they won the “Senate popular vote.”

CtH: There is no such thing as a “Senate popular vote.” It’s like the World Series. The trophy goes to the team that won the most games, not the team that scored the most runs in all the games. Sheesh.

THERE IS NO JOY IN HACKVILLE (I just made that up … my original thought for this year.)

Behar Blames ‘Gerrymandering’ for GOP Senate Wins in Midterms

ABC’s Matt Dowd: ‘That’s the Constitution’

While Behar blamed a Democratic minority on gerrymandering, the process has nothing to do with the election or distribution of senators. Gerrymandering is the manner in which congressional districts are drawn to favor one political party or candidate. Senators are elected at the state level, so state lines determine electors, not congressional districts.

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  1. Senate imbalance created by gerrymandering – yeah, you remember, when they tore off a big chunk of Iowa and gave it to Illinois? (Joke cred where due: Milady’s, not mine.)

    These are our betters, who want to tell us how to live.

    I’ve been thinking about the real imbalance in states – urban versus rural. You know, downstate Illinois v Chicago and Springfield; most of Missouri v St Lou, KC, and another Springfield. What we need is something along the lines of an electoral college inside states. By county, or by Congressional district, whatever.

    Not saying I’ve got a great plan thoroughly thought through. Just looking at how 2016 went, though, not having straight-up popular vote seems ingenious protection, and it works.