Bring It On!

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In 2010, Obama’s first midterm election season, Democrats lost 6 seats in the Senate, despite the grossly left biased media and the massive amount of outside money and fawning media attention given to Cruz’s opponent.

I think it’s amazingly good news is that, despite the massively negative media we endured (and the pattern of the incumbent president losing the majority in the midterms), we gained seats in the Senate, something that’s only been done four times before in history.

We also got rid of four Dem PITA senators: McCaskill, Heitkamp, Nelson, and Donnelly.

So yeah, we lost the House, BUT the long-term gains in the judiciary will be spectacular, especially if another leftist drops dead or retires before 2020. Also, despite Cruz’s slim margin, GOP Gov. Greg Abbott defeated his Democrat challenger by more than 14 points.

And I’m not convinced losing the House will be a negative in the long run. It ensures the next two years will be filled with Democrat sound and fury as they attempt to kill the Trump Economy and get Donald J. out of office.

BUT, Trump is no George W. or Mitt R. He’s a junk yard dog. A street fighter who relishes the battles ahead. I think it’s going to be downright entertaining!

Catholic Vote says, “It may sound counterintuitive, but a narrow Democratic House gives President Trump a perfect foil, and likely increases his chances at reelection in 2020 (as it did for both Barack Obama and President Clinton). Unlike previous Republicans presidents, Trump won’t be shy about pursuing his agenda. But if Pelosi and Democrats continue to play the resistance game with an unending series of political witch-hunts, voters will punish them severely in two years.”

The Dems badly miscalculated with their viciousness toward Brett Kavanaugh. In fact, the only vulnerable Democrat senator who kept his seat was the one who told Dem brass to take a hike and voted FOR Kavanaugh.

Also, we won critical governorships in Ohio, Iowa, Georgia, and Florida and polls show a higher distrust for media than for Republicans.

Add these to things like #WalkAway and #Blexit whose videos are full of people fed up with Democrat lies and Democrat bile, and the fact that Dems appear to be bent on using their House majority to spew more of the same all over us for the next two years.

I say, “Bring it on!”


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