It Could Have Been Far Worse

MELTDOWN: NBC Frets ‘There Is Not a Blue Tsunami,’ Point Fingers at Pelosi, Schumer

Despite the eventual projections that Democrats would retake the House of Representatives on Tuesday night, NBC News was still uneasy, admitting that “Donald Trump and his followers are still intact” and “there is not a blue tsunami” that could be because of the unpopularity of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Former NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw kicked on the spin machine, admitting that “at the end of the day, Donald Trump and his followers are still intact if it stays the way that we’re seeing it right now” with the “big reason” being “the economy…chugging right along.”


The losses we suffered could have been staggering, save for a few important factors.

1. The absolutely vile way Feinstein and her bag of bastards went after Justice Brett Kavanaugh. They underestimated how it would galvanize the republican base who saw first hand the way those who feel no low is too low behave.

2. The constant assaults and savage treatment of anyone who they think supports our president. The temper tantrum the left is throwing will continue as long as he’s in office.

3. The kicker: the impending invasion headed toward our southern border revealed the left for who they truly are: amoral slugs who care nothing about American sovereignty and crave open borders as a path to complete one party rule. This, more than anything, I feel, led to minimizing losses in the face of so many republicans in swing districts leaving open seats.

P.S. Bernie was re-elected.

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    “the economy…chugging right along.” … one of the things that disgusts me about them is that they’re SORRY about this! They honestly don’t want blacks and hispanics to be working and getting off the plantation. Poor is better, provided they are rich and powerful.