They’re Experts At Stealing Votes

My beloved child bride and I just got back from voting at the little Baptist church down the road. Before we left,a man came in to vote and was told a vote was already cast in his name.He had his most precious right stolen,probably by an illegal. Democrats get the voter rolls for every precinct then drive around casting votes for the rightful people. They’ve been doing it for years. Why not? They never get caught,and if they do it’s after the fact and nothing can be done about it.
They want this election very badly.


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  1. Ting

    Long time, no see. I have not been online much for months because of family and business commitments. Some good (like a new 4 week old grandson!) and some not so good. I allow myself a few minutes of Facebook several times a day to see everyne’s cute grandchildren photos, etc. (and Pete’s and Bluebird’s and Chrissy’s entertaining posts there. I’ve missed you all. I am sure I will have time to be back one day. I have been a nervous wreck about Dave Brat, and Chrissy’s representative, who are two of the really good ones. I’m still praying for them both tonight.