They Still Don’t Get It

Donald Trump is the first man we’ve had that makes us feel like he truly has our back. He doesn’t take any crap from a media monolith and the liberal scum they staunchly protect and defend. We defend him as we would defend our own families. Our values and our faith run deep. They have no faith in anything but acquiring power. Mess with him and you mess with us.

Inside the mystery of Donald Trump’s stubbornly loyal political base

One of the most puzzling, enduring and intriguing questions about the Trump presidential phenomenon is how he maintains such a stubbornly loyal political base despite what a majority of Americans regard as overwhelming evidence of his inconsistencies and incompetence.

Says them.

Watching him closely these past three-plus years, I’ve come to some conclusions. He’s the most outrageously confident public person since Muhammad Ali accurately predicted the exact round he’d knock out his next opponents back in the ‘60s.

Many see this as obnoxiously cocky, even when it comes true. Especially when it comes true and denies a Democrat her rightful Oval Office inheritance.

CtH: He wrote rightful … without quotation marks. I checked. ::eyesrolling::

Trump’s base knows all about being denied. For years — decades, really — its members invested their pleas, hopes, dreams, donations and votes in the establishments of both D.C. parties. To no avail.

Now, along comes a most unlikely and imperfect herald, a wealthy New York loudmouth who actually listens to those folks in flyover country, who voices their frustrations and fears about many things, especially jobs and illegal immigration.

At a slew of his rallies this fall, Trump, unlike standard pols, got up with no prompter and riffed for 60 to 70 minutes to a crowd that started lining up a day earlier. Some days, the 72-year-old president did three such mass events in different cities.

A Washington newspaper has taken to collecting Trump’s alleged exaggerations, inaccuracies and lies, now in the thousands by its count.

That’s a kind of daily fact-checking zeal that never occurred to them during Obama’s reign of adoration when, among many things, the Democrat blamed YouTube for the Benghazi deaths and promised Americans 37 times they could keep their doctor and health insurance.

Trump was asked about lying last week by TV reporters unlikely to ever admit exaggerating a story. The president answered bluntly, “When I can, I tell the truth.”

That’s the kind of candid statement that proves to critics he’s unworthy of the office.

And that’s the kind of candid statement that proves to his loyal base that Trump is a human talking to them straight.

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