The Talk is Finished..It’s Time To Act

Win or lose, if you think the brutality of the left would be in any way diminished, you’re not paying attention. Some pollsters show the races tightening as they always do. They’re just trying to cover their backsides in case the “blue wave” fails to materialize.

The left will commit rampant fraud, as they always do. Hillary got 5 million illegal votes, and that was when the left knew the election was “in the bag.”

There’s no telling how much they’ll get away with this time. It’s a tried and true formula, since they never pay any price.

The democrats have the media, all the glitterati, the entire educational system and almost limitless funds from socialist billionaires yearning for a One World Order.

We have us.

The legacy of those who came before and the future of our children to follow is at stake. Don’t think for a second your vote doesn’t count. It’s a right men and women have paid dearly to preserve. Make your voice heard today.

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