The Stakes Today, Election Day

Politics today is a bloodsport, and sometimes that’s literal – ask Steve Scalise. This garbage about both sides and “Trump encouraging hate” is the same kind of lies we’ve been hearing from our opponents for decades, and it’s just as dishonest. The conflict comes from the left. The hate comes from the left. The violence comes from the left.
Sometimes the truth is unpleasant, that our leftist opponents despise us. They do not believe that we have a right to participate in our own governance. Given the chance they will govern us accordingly.

To them we’re bad people, morally unfit to have a say and obligated by their bizarre secular theology to submit to the indignities, disrespect, and abuse they heap upon us. That’s what they think. And that’s how they will govern if they win today.

They would rather burn this country down than allow it to prosper without them in charge. Why? Because the only thing that matters to them is their power. The only thing that matters to them is their position. That, and crushing you under their heels. They enjoy that.

So what if they reverse our great economy? The military rebuild? The regulatory roll-back? American’s interests are merely collateral damage in their fight for the greater good, which is defined as their greater power. They just want to make sure they get 50% plus one. The rest of us can rot.

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