All Dems Lie…Badly

DNC Chair Tries To Explain His Ridiculous Claim That Economy Was Better Under Obama… Fails Miserably

Perez: Democrats Have ‘Never Hesitated’ to Take Action Against Those Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said on Sunday that the Democratic party has “never hesitated” to take action against fellow Democrats who have been accused of sexual misconduct.

CNN’s “State of the Union” anchor Jake Tapper asked Perez about the allegations against the DNC vice chairman, Rep. Keith Ellison (D., Minn.).


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3 responses to “All Dems Lie…Badly

  1. Pistol Pete

    DNC MOB LEADER Maxine Waters Says Trump is Putting Target on Her Back – He’s “Promoting Violence!”
    Maxine Waters told MSNBC on Monday President Trump is putting a target on her back. Waters told Joy Reid, “He’s promoting violence!”

    Such Projection.

    Such hypocrisy.

    Such lack of sense of irony.

    Such lunacy!
    You just can’t make this stuff up.


  2. Hahahaha. In that first clip, Perez looks like he ate a moldy lemon. He had two talking points, inflation and pre-existing conditions. Kept going back and forth between them, regardless of what Tapper said&helip; as if Perez were some kind of, I don’t know, video game programmed non-player character.


    • Rats. Misspelled the code for … in that comment. Left a link tag unclosed on a previous comment. Wish WordPress gave commenters self-edit power, at least for five minutes after a post goes up.