WashPo/ABC News Poll Has Ominous News For Democrats

But one issue stands out: border security. Amazingly, the pollsters admit it’s the first time they’ve asked about border security, and 59 percent of registered voters said it is an important issue in the election. Eighty-four percent of Republicans and 47 percent of Democrats ranked border security as a key issue; independents were evenly split. Republicans have a ten-point lead over Democrats on the question of who will better handle border security, and a 19-point lead among independents

On Tuesday, all eyes will be on the more than two dozen toss-up House races. It’s here where Democrats don’t appear to have the strong advantage they need to win several of these contests that will take them over the top. The poll shows a slim preference for Democrats—49-44 percent—in these toss-up districts; considering the margin of error in the poll (3.5 percent), it’s essentially a tie.

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