From My Facebook Friend, Clarice Feldman

This woman is crazy smart. I enjoy reading her.

Tuesday Will Tell: Blue Wave or Red Tsunami?

It’s true that the major media is uniformly opposed to Trump and his party, but as Rasmussen also notes, they have less sway on voters than they would hope:

The majority of voters believe the media is more interested in creating controversies about candidates than in reporting where they stand on the issues. Voters also think the media is trying to help Democrats in the upcoming elections which helps explain why Democratic voters are much bigger fans of election news coverage than others are.
So who’s peddling the Blue Wave scenario?

I tend to agree with Roger Kimball that it is those who cannot believe they lost in 2016:

If only the Democrats sweep the midterm elections, they say to themselves, then we can put this awful anomaly, this hideous wrinkle in the order of the universe, behind us.

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