Take This With A Grain Of Salt

I’m off Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday so I’ll likely be posting quite a bit during the election.
You’ve been warned.
GOP Leads In Early Voting Nationwide

Do not let down! we cannot afford to have the progress we’ve made in the face of overwhelming brutality be stopped.
It won’t be a blue wave, NBC reports today, at least not if early voting is any indication. Thus far, in a record turnout, Republican voters hold the edge by a slim two-point margin in ballots already cast in the midterms. The turnout model thus far looks more similar to 2014 than 2016:

Six days out from Election Day, over 24 million votes have been counted as early or absentee, a number that exceeds the total nationwide early vote from 2014.

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One response to “Take This With A Grain Of Salt

  1. Some Eeyore on another blog was saying the Dems are up by 30K in early voting in Florida.

    Excessive early voting seems like a scam to me. As someone said, it gives the Dems a good idea how many fraudulent votes they’ll have to manufacture.