How Liberal Loons Debate

Have you seen this video of a wacko throwing milk on conservative students?

A real looker,ain’t she? Well,guess what? She’s an intern for socialist thief and corrupt hack,Andrew Gillum!
Andrew Gillum’s Communist Intern Arrested for Dairy Dealing Temper Tantrum
Apparently, earlier this week Shelby Shoup believed it her duty to inform the College Republicans they were supporting Nazis. When College Republicans pointed out she was wearing a communist pin and supported communists, she said, “Yeah, I f*cking am.”
As seen in the video, “She then went on a profanity-laced tirade about fascism and accused the Republican students of ‘normalizing Nazis’ and blaming them for the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre and other incidents. As Shoup stormed away, she kicked a DeSantis sign out of the ground.”

After the video was given to authorities, FSU released a statement saying that Shoup had been arrested.

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  1. Don’t know whether to say, “Bless her heart,” or “She seems nice.” 😀

    The most pro-Judaism pro-Israel President, father and grandfather of Jews, caused the synagogue massacre. What twisted insanity – I can’t even imagine how one gets to that assessment by any path, but it certainly wasn’t reasoned.

    Oh, that’s right: NPC.