What A Massive Waste Of Air

Obamas to Make Anti-Trump Netflix Show

Barack and Michelle Obama are working on an anti-Trump Netflix show. The new show will show Obama as a hero and the incoming Trump administration as bumbling rookies.

It will be a fantasy show.

Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama have acquired the rights to adapt Michael Lewis’ book The Fifth Risk as part of their overall deal with Netflix, Deadline reported Wednesday.  Lewis’ book describes the disorder within the Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy, and Department of Commerce that took place during the transition between the Obama administration to the Trump administration.

Netflix in May announced a multi-year deal in which the Obamas would produce shows for the streaming platform.

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Good grief. How pathetic are Democrats? Hillary is still yammering on about how she lost, wahh, and now the Obamas feel compelled to produce self-aggrandizing “entertainment” that slams the current administration. Do any of these moral defectives remember how John McCain and Mitt Romney behaved after they lost? Or how George W. Bush treated them when they were in charge?