O’Keefe Strikes Again

Project Veritas has exposed the lies, the blatant racism and the rank hypocrisy the left gets away with because the media protects them.

Andrew Gillum Exposed by Staffers in Undercover Video:

‘This Is a F***ed Up State’

“So, let’s go back to Mr. Gillum’s platform, right?” said Smith, who claims to have attended college with Gillum. “Raise the corporate tax in Florida from 7 to 11 percent. That will never happen. Raise teacher’s pay to $50,000, that will never happen. Give me another position. Medicare for all, that will never happen.”

Smith continued by slamming the state of Florida and using racial slurs and referring to white people as “crackers.”

“This is a f***ed up state,” said Smith. “It’s a cracker state.”

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