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According to Rotten Tomatoes, 98% of 1,541 Rotten Tomatoes reviewers have given the Gosnell movie 4.5-5 stars, the highest of any film currently playing in theaters.

Adam Mill at The Federalist says it “shattered” his abortion agnosticism and should be “required viewing for Americans like me who avoided the abortion issue because I lacked the moral courage to really think about it and form my own opinion.”

The following are excerpts from his excellent article, which is worth reading in full.

“Gosnell’s defense at trial was to point to the arbitrary legal line between what he did and what the law sanctioned. His attorney argued that even if he had followed proper procedures in a sterile clinic using the most advanced medical equipment to terminate pregnancies, the fundamental moral character of what he was doing wouldn’t change.”

“This is the moral no-man’s land that hasn’t been rationally discussed since the political screaming started in the early 1970s.”

“Recently, we’ve heard people speaking out against political violence with assurance that the ballot box is the proper place to resolve our great conflicts in the United States. Yet the Roe v. Wade decision seems to have permanently excluded abortion from the normal political process in which moral judgments can be debated, tested, and evolved according to the state of medical science and public morality. This is, in part, why the Kavanaugh confirmation process was so ugly.

“Impulses to influence the debate manifest in such detestable ways in the absence of a democratic process. Are we satisfied with the outcome when judges establish an immutable moral distinction between abortion and murder? If you answered “Yes,” I ask that you watch the movie to listen to how Gosnell drew that line.”

“Who decides if a fetus is too advanced to abort? A nurse in Gosnell’s clinic reported feeling a newborn tug on her finger before the doctor ‘completed’ the procedure. We can and should agree that abortionists should not be making that distinction, and that there has to be a line.

“No matter how zealous an advocate for reproductive rights you might be, you have to agree on a line. The line needs to be established according to the best science and moral judgments as expressed by the great engine of compromise of our democracy.

“It’s time to set aside Roe and return the question to the moral accountability of the democratic process. Abortion rights advocates should refrain from refusing to acknowledge or accommodate any discussion or update to this line, because Gosnell proved one thing beyond refutation: at some point it’s not abortion, it’s murder.


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What Will Happen If The Democrats Win The House?

Stuart Varney explains. And it’s pretty scary stuff.

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Gee,What A Surprise

Big finale: Media aims at both Trump and GOP

Broadcasters now appear intent on creating a negative grand finale as the midterm elections loom, lashing out at the GOP as well.

“The broadcast networks are heavily spinning their campaign coverage against the Republicans. The spin of this coverage was lopsidedly anti-Republican and anti-Trump,” writes Rich Noyes, a senior analyst for the conservative press watchdog.

Based on coverage from Sept. 1 through Oct. 26, Mr. Noyes and his team found that 88 percent of that broadcast coverage was “hostile.” They also counted 97 blatantly negative statements about the president and Republicans, compared to 10 for the Democrats.

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O’Keefe Strikes Again

Project Veritas has exposed the lies, the blatant racism and the rank hypocrisy the left gets away with because the media protects them.

Andrew Gillum Exposed by Staffers in Undercover Video:

‘This Is a F***ed Up State’

“So, let’s go back to Mr. Gillum’s platform, right?” said Smith, who claims to have attended college with Gillum. “Raise the corporate tax in Florida from 7 to 11 percent. That will never happen. Raise teacher’s pay to $50,000, that will never happen. Give me another position. Medicare for all, that will never happen.”

Smith continued by slamming the state of Florida and using racial slurs and referring to white people as “crackers.”

“This is a f***ed up state,” said Smith. “It’s a cracker state.”

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He’s The Master

2012_10 17 Trump Tweet

Chrissy posted in her Bits and Bytes about how Trump plays the media. For a little explanation, Jon Stewart lays it out.

Jon Stewart tells CNN host Trump DEFEATS journalists with their OWN narcissism!! This is delicious.

“I think that journalists have taken it personally,” Stewart said. “They are personally wounded and offended by this man. He baits them, and they dive in. And what he’s done well, I thought, is appeal to their own narcissism, to their own ego. … And the journalists stand up and say, ‘We are noble, we are honorable, how dare you, sir!’ And they take it personally.”



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What Are You Prepared To Do?

Donald Trump Willing to Send 15,000 Troops to Secure Southern Border

As Chrissy just posted, most of this mob are violent criminals. If they believe we will not use deadly force to stop them, they will overrun this country. The media would go berserk, but they’ll do that no matter what. Expect the few women and children to be right up front for all the cameras to see. You will not stop them with empty threats.

“We’ll do up to anywhere between ten and 15,000 military personnel, on top of border patrol, ICE, and everybody else at the border,” Trump said. “Nobody is coming in.”

Trump also said he would end the practice of “catch and release” by setting up “tent cities” for migrants at the Southern border who claimed asylum.

Trump dismissed a reporter who asked him if he was “fear-mongering” about the migrant caravan of over 4,000 people traveling through Mexico to the Southern border.

“No, not fear mongering at all,” he said. “Immigration is a very important subject.”

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What Difference Does It Make?

Thousands Of Ohio Teens Can’t Get Licenses Because Their Parents Are Illegal Aliens

The Ohio BMV has been sued for discriminating against children of undocumented immigrants by not allowing their parents to cosign on their driver’s license or state ID card applications — even if their children are U.S. citizens.

The denial or delay of a driver’s license or state ID hinders the ability of children of undocumented immigrants “to travel to their places of school and employment, transport other family members, provide identification for purposes of opening a bank account or obtaining employment, and otherwise participate fully in civic life,” according to the 27-page complaint filed Oct. 16.

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What A Massive Waste Of Air

Obamas to Make Anti-Trump Netflix Show

Barack and Michelle Obama are working on an anti-Trump Netflix show. The new show will show Obama as a hero and the incoming Trump administration as bumbling rookies.

It will be a fantasy show.

Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama have acquired the rights to adapt Michael Lewis’ book The Fifth Risk as part of their overall deal with Netflix, Deadline reported Wednesday.  Lewis’ book describes the disorder within the Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy, and Department of Commerce that took place during the transition between the Obama administration to the Trump administration.

Netflix in May announced a multi-year deal in which the Obamas would produce shows for the streaming platform.

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The problem with working nights is that you can’t sleep on your night off. So here I am, ready to waste bandwidth with stuff you either already knew or didn’t care to know.

Almost $600,000 Raised for Justice Kavanaugh Will Help Catholic Youth Programs

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is declining to accept the more than half a million dollars raised in a Go Fund Me campaign during his bruising confirmation hearings, citing ethical concerns. But the North Carolina man who started the effort said the money would go to three Catholic youth programs that Kavanaugh has supported in the past.

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Bits & Bytes

YAY ME! I just got my latest round of blood work and my eGFR (kidney function) is up to 47. Twenty-seven months ago, when I landed in the ICU with kidney failure, it was 14. My nephrologist told me that anything above 25 was sustainable, but below that, I was headed for dialysis, a transplant list, and death, so it was a Very Big Deal when I finally broke 25. But for a long time, it’s been stuck in the low 40s. I’m so excited to hit 47! And my creatinine (another kidney thing) has dropped from over 1.2 to 1.16. Neither test is in the normal range (yet!) but it’s super good news that my kidneys appear to be healing from whatever knocked them out in 2016. I had a bajillion tests done, but they never found a single thing wrong with my kidneys … except they weren’t working! When my nephrologist ran out of tests to do, he sighed and said, “I just keep getting back a whole lot of NORMAL.” Except for the eGFR and creatinine tests LOL. So anyway, PRAISE GOD!

2018_11 Use it

TRUMP TWEET: President Trump tweeted this video decrying illegal alien murderers that Democrat policies have allowed into our country. Some declared this was a “racist” ad. Many others said no, it’s just factual. My favorite was, “Illegal alien murderer isn’t a race.”

2018_11 Lock door

TUCKER CARLSON: “Let’s fix Honduras” bwahaha.

TUCKER CARLSON: The caravan is about 70% young, dangerous males.

RUSSIAGATE: HOW many months did Dems and their Yammering Media spout apocalyptic horror over Russia’s alleged control over Trump and our election process? But now that we’re in the countdown to an actual election with huge significance to Trump’s agenda … the whole issue is MIA.

2018_10 Pelosi

CIVILITY: On Tuesday during a campaign event, Bernie Sanders called President Trump “the most racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted president in history.” I’m so glad to see that Democrats have taken last week’s mail bomb scare and lethal synagogue shooting to heart and toned down the sensationalist, violence-mongering rhetoric.

PASS THE POPCORN: Sen. Claire McCaskill called a Missouri state senator a “crazy Democrat” — so she called McCaskill a “piece of shit” and compared her to a slave owner. And we’re less than a week from election day.

2018_11 01 Cable

OCTOBER RATINGS: For basic cable, Fox News Channel averaged more (by a lot) total viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined. ::snort::

PANTS ON FIRE: Trump tweeted about Harry Reid’s sponsorship of a 1993 bill to end birthright citizenship. Reid responded by saying he “immediately” changed his mind on that one. But a YEAR later, he wrote an Op Ed for the LA Times saying, “Our doors should remain open, but only wide enough to admit those to whom we can realistically offer opportunity and security. To leave the door unguarded is to create an environment in which no one can live securely and peacefully. And so I am sponsoring a bill in the Senate to reduce immigration-legal and illegal.”

BEN & JERRY’S: They embraced the flaming anti-semite, Linda Sarsour, to launch their new anti-Trump ice cream flavor “Pecan Resist.”

TISSUE ALERT: Three paraplegics have walked for the first time in years after being fitted with a revolutionary new device that electrically stimulated their spinal cords. These signals are thought to have triggered the growth of new nerve connections in the spinal cord of the patients, because the patients were still able to walk after the electrodes were turned off!

LOL!! “How Trump plays the Media”

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