Only One That Counts

The midterms are a week away. Seven short days. Some polls say the republicans will hold the House. Other say they will lose it. But only one poll counts – i.e., what voters do next Tuesday.

Despite the maniacal, deranged, two-year temper tantrum the left has thrown over losing an election, President Trump has succeeded beyond almost anyone’s expectations. If that is to continue, we must retain control.

The alternative is unthinkable:

  • The grinning, botox-intoxicated hag, Nancy Pelosi, once again clutching the Speakers’ gavel in her cold,almost dead hands.
  • Maxine Waters, sprinting to the floor the first day of the new session waving impeachment papers.
  • Wave after wave of bills trying to return America to the moral cesspool and haven for illegal parasites that Obama oversaw.

For the love of God, country, and all that is right and good, get out … if you haven’t already,\ … and VOTE REPUBLICAN!!

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