Money Isn’t Everything

Hillary Clinton spent over $2 billion in 2016. Trump spent $600 million. How’d that work out?

Michael Bloomberg’s PAC Cash Gives Democrats Big Spending Advantage Ahead Of Midterms

Democrats are expected to outspend Republicans on House races this election season thanks in part to a last-minute campaign donation from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s PAC, The New York Times reported Sunday, citing his adviser.

Democrats are on pace to outspend Republicans — $143 million to $86 million — on television ads for House races. The bulk of that spending came from Bloomberg, who pledged to spend roughly $20 million in House campaign ads in the final week by way of Independence USA, his super PAC, according to the report.

Liberal financier Tom Steyer’s PAC has given over $42 million this midterm election cycle to Democrats and other progressive causes. That number makes him the second highest political donor across the partisan spectrum, behind Republican booster Sheldon Adelson.

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