Something Still Stinks

Sorry, folks … I need to vent. This whole charade has “democrat con job” written all over it. That cowardly worm Jeff Sessions crawled out of his hole yesterday to announce an arrest had been made in the phony bombs that were sent to top democrats. The FBI claimed the bombs were “not hoaxes.” Deep state to the end.

These bombs were all delivered in ONE DAY without sufficient postage, addresses misspelled, and without postmarks to show they were ever sent from a post office.

Then, as some kind of gift from a perverse god … VOILA! His van shows up with brand new Trump stickers all over it, even though they were supposedly there for two years. Miraculously he was never cited for obstructed vision due to the political wallpapering.

I took my wife for a Friday fish fry last night and the restaurant had CNN on the television with closed captioning. The entire panel tried to hide their glee as they sang from the “It’s All Trump’s Fault” hymnal. This was all due, they claimed, to Trump’s “violent rhetoric”, meaning he didn’t take their shit and whimper the way the Bushes did. He fought back.

This is supposed to negate the two years of unbridled, ceaseless, maniacal savagery the left unleashed when Trump defeated their anointed “first female president.” The attempted assassination of Rep. Steve Scalise, the assaults on republicans in public restaurants, attacks by well-funded mobs against anyone they think supports the president. This sham evens everything out and they feel steeped in righteous indignation while trying to stifle their chuckles.

What is certain is that this stunt will fuel the next 240 hours or so of non-stop, wall-to-wall coverage of the Blame Trump chorus. Eric Holder exhorts the mob to “go lower.” That vile racist pig from Watts demanding the homeys attack republicans everywhere and tell them they’re not wanted. If they pull this off and manage to perpetrate enough fraud to win the House in 10 days it will be the end of the resurrection of America the Beautiful.

Bombing suspect claimed he didn’t want to hurt anyone, but FBI Director says he could have


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