2018_10 27 No more google

Privacy-friendly alternatives to Google that don’t track you!

I’ve been using Duck Duck Go for a few weeks now and like it just fine. I subscribed to Vimeo’s feed on Facebook (which sadly is just too much a part of my life to quit). And I’m planning to leave gmail soon.


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2 responses to “NO MORE GOOGLE!

  1. Now why would you ever want to abandon a company whose slogan is “Be Evil”? 👿

    Found DuckDuckGo and never looked back. Occasionally, searching images, Google will give more results. Occasionally, I’ll use Google’s reverse-image search. So, any search data Google gets on me is going to be heavily skewed. And random. That said, DuckDuckGo will never become a common verb like google. “So I DuckDuckWent on that subject…” just doesn’ work.

    “I wish I could quit YouTube.” (I think that’s a line from Brokeback Modem.) As long as so many of my sources are there, though, I’ll use it. I should look at vimeo and others more closely.

    Meanwhile, I read a rumor today that the twitter alternative has been kicked out by their web host. Just when I was almost tempted to check it out.

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