Da Bombs! Da Bombs!

LIB BOMB: “Ten or more alleged pipe bombs were mailed to high profile Democrats, causing huge explosions of moral outrage and accusations from the Left, even though the “bombs” appear to have been about as dangerous as Tinker Toys. In other words, the bombs functioned perfectly – because the likely intent was to disrupt the news cycles and throw the upcoming midterm elections into a state of chaos.” – Stilton Jarlsberg

HE’S A REPUBLICAN: The Lefties blaming Trump for the bombs must be over the top with glee that the guy who has been arrested is a registered Republican with a bajillion Trump stickers on his van. He also has a rap sheet a mile long, but who cares? It’s not like when Gabby Giffords’ shooter turned out to be a rabid Democrat. Cuz then it was all about how MENTALLY UNSTABLE he was. I’m guessing the Left Stream Media will also totally ignore the fact that the guy is Native American. I’m flipping a coin about where they go with the other interesting factoid about this whack job — i.e., he used to be a stripper. UPDATE: “Spox for Seminole Tribe of Florida: “We can find no evidence that [this guy under all his aliases] is or was a member or employee of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.” So I guess that means he’s a blood brother of Fauxcahontas, right?

WHERE WAS THE LEFTIST ANTI-VIOLENCE OUTRAGE? I’ve read that the “bombs” had no detonators and that the white powder was harmless. Not so the intentional torching of another vehicle bearing Trump stickers that occurred earlier this month.

LOCAL NEWS REPORT: Vancouver man believes truck set afire due to Trump stickers

2018_10 Truck firebombed

INFURIATING: CNN’s liberal bias is so overt and obvious these days, you don’t even have to hear the journalists speak. Just read the chyrons. Newsbusters shows a series of CNN chyrons that overtly blame Trump for the mail bombs. Funny how NOBODY blamed Bernie Sanders after one of his supporters attempted the mass slaughter of Republican Congressmen at a baseball field.

INCITING VIOLENCE: The Left is ranting about Trump’s rhetoric inciting violence, even as they dismiss their own calls to violence as being “rhetorical” and “protected” free speech. Meanwhile, The New York Times published a story that depicts the assassination of Trump by a Russian agent with the help of the Secret Service.

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I saw this on Facebook, but it’s not sourced so I’ll just stick it here FWIW. Besides NOT being a Seminole Indian, the guy who has been arrested for mailing those “bombs” appears to have invented his Conservative Republican identity, possibly with a midterm stunt in mind. He only registered Republican in 2016, which is also when he created his Twitter account. On Twitter, he posts pro-Trump tweets, yet follows only flaming Leftards. Meanwhile, the much-advertised pro-Trump stickers on his van appear to be brand new. They are not only unfaded by the hot Florida summer sun, but also unmolested despite being in one of the most deeply blue areas of the state.