Why Does He Still Have His Credential?

Slimy, belly-crawling reptile Jim Acosta is working hard to land the middle chair on CNN so he’s trying to be even more despicable than his co-conspirators … no mean feat.

Acosta Asks Trump If He’s Sending a Coded Racist Message

CNN’s Jim Acosta asked President Trump today if he was signaling to racists that he was a “white nationalist” by calling himself a “nationalist.”

This is the latest Trump “scandal.” Lots of reporting on it. The press seems never to tire of finding new ways of making the president seem like a hateful, horrible person. Such stories make them feel good, like comfort food and narcotics.

Trump said he meant he was a proud American and liked to stand up for the country.

That is, what he meant was that he is a nationalist.

Merriam-Webster says, “Nationalism: loyalty and devotion to a nation.”


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7 responses to “Why Does He Still Have His Credential?

  1. Pistol Pete

    Dem Congressman Compares Trump to Hitler Over Calling Himself a ‘Nationalist’

    It reminds me of the kinds of words that came from people like Hitler, who thought that in Germany he was a nationalist, and the kinds of people that this president seems to like, and those who are repressive dictators, those are the individuals that generally use that kind of phrase and those kinds of words,” Meeks said.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      IOW, Trump isn’t like Democrats who keep telling us how much they hate America. It’s odd, isn’t it, how they say America is the worst nation on Earth, but we have to let all the huddling masses swarm in so they can have a better life?


  2. Pistol Pete

    Nicolle Wallace Compares Trump to Hitler: ‘I Watch Enough History Channel’

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  3. I knew as soon as I heard Trump say he was a Nationalist, even noting that “we aren’t supposed to say that,” that he was going to get lots of blowback and be tied to the White racists.

    Gosh, what an unforced error on his part. 😆