Reader Input Requested

We’ve given our new format a good, long go and now we’d like to hear back from all y’all.

The reason we switched from “show every post in full” to “show a few inches then a Continue Reading button” is that some readers wrote and asked for it. But now we’d like to know whether it’s working well for you.

Does the site load better for you? Do you actually click Continue Reading and, you know, continue reading? Or do you wish we’d go back to the “show every post in full” thing? Respond in comments if you can.

I hear WordPress can be cranky about that, so if it’s not in a good mood today, you can go to our Facebook page @ or send me an email @ Thanks!!


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4 responses to “Reader Input Requested

  1. freedom1781

    The site loads much faster. And, yes, I do click “continue reading” to continue reading, though I may not have time to comment. I’m always on the go! 🙂


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    From email: “I like the short versions with continue reading. Easier to scroll past what I may not want to read in full 😀”


  3. jbob45

    I like anything that blocks Google ads on my iPhone.

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