More Money Than Sense

As P.T. Barnum said: ‘there’s one born every minute.’

$10K sleep coaches are like personal trainers for your dreams

Sleep coach Christine Hansen caters to high-end clients. The Luxembourg-based coach charges up to $10,000 for a daylong session, including life coaching and dietary tests to determine whether sleep problems may be linked to food issues.

“Sleep is the new hustle,” says Kuczkowski, who runs a 2,000-square- foot “sleep center” called Start With Sleep in Buffalo and charges her clients — “financial professionals, lawyers, doctors” — up to $1,100 for a four- to six-week program, not including the accessories for sale in her store. If the solution falls outside her holistic scope — she’s certified as an integrative adult sleep coach — she will refer clients to a medical professional.

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  1. “Cut back on the caffeine. That’ll be $1000.”