Undocumented Shoppers Strike Again

Vandals Throw Boulder Through GOP Rep. McCarthy’s Office Window – Then Steal Equipment

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s office in Bakersfield, California was vandalized Monday.

The suspects threw a giant boulder through McCarthy’s office window then stole office equipment.

“Does anyone know these two guys? They threw a boulder thru our office window and took office equipment.” Kevin McCarthy wrote on an Instagram post with a blurry photo of one of the suspects.

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One response to “Undocumented Shoppers Strike Again

  1. Not to be too picky on extraneous points here, but…

    I had this vision of the creeps using prybars to loosen a massive boulder which rolled down and clobbered the place.

    boulder n. A large rounded mass of rock lying on the surface of the ground or embedded in the soil.

    From the pictures, what they threw was just a big, flat rock. Probably took at least two brave soyboys to heave it, though. We had a big decorative rock like that at our office – until the lawn guy got tired of mowing around it and it “accidentally” got broken.

    I don’t buy the part of the definition about “lying on the ground or embedded in the soil,” though. Seems t’me that a boulder’s a boulder even if it’s gathering no moss. 🙂