If Wishes Were Horses

Hillary would be riding a big stallion named James McDougal (if he wasn’t already dead).

Hillary Aide: She Could Run A Third Time

There is no doubt that she is considering it. When you look at the Dem 2020 bench and you have people like Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren and this clown Michael Avenatti. Dems have nobody and Hillary sees an opportunity. It is one reason for the 13 city speaking tour the Clintons announced earlier this month. I wouldn’t be surprised if a year from now the buzz on the left is “Hillary is our best chance against Trump in 2020.” Just watch.

CtH: BWAHAHAHA!  “Best chance against Trump!”  ROFLMAOPMP ::snort::  I’ve heard of one-time losers running again. In fact, she and Trump both lost in the primaries before running against each other. But has anyone lost a primary, then won a nomination but lost the election and STILL thought people would back her again?! This woman is just sad and desperate.

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