What Should You Wear To Church?

Babylon Bee: A Handy Guide For Each Denomination

Whether you’re visiting your parents’ stuffy old Baptist church or piling into the family minivan because the kids are begging to ride the roller coaster at the sleek new megachurch down the street, the age-old question persists: what should you wear?

Wonder no longer, good and faithful servant. We sent a team of Babylon Bee agents to over two thousand churches, big and small, new and old, all across the land to research customs, dress codes, fashion do’s and fashion don’ts. This exhaustively researched article is the result, and it’s absolutely packed with helpful fashion tips.

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One response to “What Should You Wear To Church?

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Had to check my denom of course! LOL

    “Catholic—You’d best wear your spiffiest Sunday outfit or your Grandma will pinch you, and it will hurt like the dickens. If your Grandma isn’t there, don’t worry, someone else’s Grandma will assume her pinching duties.”

    Wellllllll … I never got pinched physically, but my mother had STANDARDS … and don’t you forget it! I remember the priest who ran our youth group talking about dressing up for church and I suggested God loves us no matter what. He shot back, “Yes, but he LIKES you better when you dress up for Mass.” LOL