Dems are LOSING the Black Vote

When Democrats were unable to block the Civil Rights Act, Democrat President Lyndon Johnson is reputed to have said he’d sign it, because it would “keep niggers voting Democrat for 50 years.”

If he really said that, it was prophetic. Dems have had such a monolithic hold on Black voters that they’ve been able to totally ignore them in between campaign seasons. No more!

2018_10 22 Blacks for Trump

Rasmussen: “When it came to how black voters felt about Trump, Rasmussen found a surprising 36% approved of Trump’s job performance — even as mainstream news outlets have ratcheted up racially-charged coverage of the president.” That’s double what it was a year ago.

2018_10 Walk away

TONE DEAF: Jay-Z’s remark ought to play real well with all those blacks who are thrilled to be working. Not. When asked how he felt about the Trump economy’s record low black unemployment numbers, he said they aren’t important, because “money doesn’t equate to happiness.” His net worth is $930 million which he apparently does not share with his homies.

Kanye is not alone.

2018_10 Shaq

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