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Trump in Houston

I don’t know if this will play later on. I’m watching it live. GREAT speech!

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Bits & Bytes

2018_10 22 Vote Republican waves

VOTING RED: A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows Trump’s approval at 47% among registered voters. This is his highest ever for this poll. Meanwhile, his disapproval is down to 49%, close to where he was on inauguration day!

2018_10 22 Early Voters

EARLY VOTING:Republican-affiliated voters lead in seven of the eight states where key Senate races are underway. N.b., They’re counting people by how they’re registered, not by how they’re voting. And I’m seeing a LOT of disgust for for D line among long-time registered Democrats!

2018_10 20 Beck tweet

DEMS WALKING AWAY: The Beck tweet above is from a Twitchy page with a lot of interesting “me too” tweets.

SPIN: DNC Chair Tom Perez is already spinning their potential slaughter. “We always knew that this election was going to be close. I don’t use the term #BlueWave.” Riiiiiiiiight. Here’s a quote from Perez in September: “I feel excited because we’re organizing everywhere; we’re fielding great candidates everywhere. You see the energy out there. Democratic turnout in the primaries in 2018 has been up 84 percent from 2014. … People are enthusiastic because we’re fighting for the issues they care about.”

2018_10 21 Beto banner

TRUMP-CRUZ RALLY: The Trump-Cruz rally site cannot hold the 100,000 folks who have RSVPd, so they’re setting up a tailgater for outside.

BIDEN-ROSEN RALLY: Organizers reportedly checked in “more than 500 people” for the Las Vegas rally where former VP Joe Biden appeared to support Jacky Rosen and other Nevada Democrats. Rosen, a freshman congresswoman from the Las Vegas-area, is challenging incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Dean Heller and the race is seen as one of Democrats’ best chances to flip a seat this November.

IT’S NO WONDER CRUZ IS AHEAD: You have to watch these Beto ads. Apparently they’re serious, but as they asked at Twitchy, “Are they TRYING to help Cruz?”

RESISTANCE NOT: Posted Sept 2 by slut lawyer Michael Avenatti, I am excited to announce that I will be leading a large resistance rally in Texas at the exact same time of Trump’s (details tba). All groups are welcome to join. We must fight fire with fire and we must send a message that we will fight to make America America again.”

Wait, what? “Make America America again” from the people who want open borders? Riiiiiiiiiiight.

But, not to worry. Avenatti just canceled the rally, allegedly because the date of Trump’s rally conflicts with his schedule. Or … maybe he can no longer afford the travel expenses since a Los Angeles judge ordered him to pay the $4.85 million he owes another lawyer.

BWAHAHAHA!! “Trump is done!” You gotta watch this one! It’s hysterical!! It also shows off how closely our alleged news agencies follow their Democrat Talking Points every day.


FAUXCAHONTAS: Democratic U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Sunday that she changed her mind recently and took a DNA test proving her heritage because Americans’ trust in government is “at an all-time low” and she wanted to help rebuild it by being transparent. Please note she said this out loud AFTER the test proved conclusively that she’s been lying for YEARS about her heritage.

NOT FAUX: The current congressman for California’s 16th district, Democrat Jim Costa, is a male, third generation descendant of Portuguese immigrants. His opponent, Republican Elizabeth Heng, is the first generation daughter of Cambodian refugees from Pol Pot’s brutal regime. Democrats are supposedly all about women and minorities and refugees, unless they’re Republicans, of course. This Leftie journo thought Heng’s funny campaign ad was “sexist.” Pblt.


CENSORSHIP: Facebook refused to post this ad, because the historical images of the violence her parents experienced in Cambodia was deemed too offensive. Riiight. Methinks the real problem was that she exposed how poorly her California district has fared under Costa’s Democrat leadership!


2018_10 22 Truth about Soc Sec

MCCASKILL: Abuse allegations have been made about Claire’s hubby. Will she going with “believe the women” or take Hillary’s tack and call them all trailer trash and skanks? Or, oh wait, maybe she’ll demand her husband receive due process! Innocent until proven guilty. What a concept.

HILLARY: Watch as Hillary Clinton laughs and nods along after she’s introduced as “the real president” at a recent event. Can you imagine if Bush 1, McCain, or Romney had ever done this?!


ASSHOLE: Obama in Las Vegas: “When you hear all this talk about economic miracles, remember who started it.” Pblt. Funny thing how EVERY OTHER COUNTRY ON THE PLANET had recovered from the 2008 recession YEARS before we did under the “leadership” of the Empty Suit.


2018_10 21 Sanctity of Human Life Day

GOSNELL: Check here for theaters that have now bowed to Leftist pressure! As for me, I have to wait for the DVD as per usual, since I haven’t been able to go to a movie theater since Harry Potter 1 debuted and for that, we went to a mid-week matinee right before Thanksgiving break. There were two other people there, which was just what I needed to stay safe. 🙂

2018_10 21 If PP

SCIENCE VS. TRANS: A proposed HHS rule memo would state: “The sex listed on a person’s birth certificate, as originally issued, shall constitute definitive proof of a person’s sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence.” The health department also called on government agencies to adopt a definition of gender that used “a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.”

WOW! This takes some serious trust in your spouse!! Hubby guides his blind wife through ski slalom course at 70 mph. Video also shows some other blind-sighted Paralympic skiing pairs.


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2018_10 21 Don't care

HOMELAND: “While we closely monitor the caravan crisis, we must remain mindful of the transnational criminal organizations and other criminals that prey on the vulnerabilities of those undertaking the irregular migration journey.” -Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen

2018_10 21 Caravan

SECOND CARAVAN: The original caravan has between 5,000 and 7,000 members. Reportedly, a second caravan of between 1,000 and 2,000 migrants has formed near the Honduran border and is headed our way. According to Fox News, Mexico isn’t doing a whole heckuva lot to stop these people. I pray to God all these evil and/or foolish and/or desperate people do not end up on our border, confronting our very well armed and well trained military.

2018_10 21 Gabriel

MUST VIEW VIDEO: Every nation on Earth is defined by race and ethnicity, except one. The United States of America. Dennis Prager talks about the three values that define us and make us great.

1. E Pluribus Unum.

2. Liberty.

3. In God We Trust.


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What Would You Do?

This social experiment is really interesting. I was really inspired by the two parties of patrons who got up and tried to leave the restaurant … until the camera crew told them it was all an act.


In other WWYD news, this foul-mouthed SJW lost his job after this video went viral.

His former employer tweeted, “His behavior does not represent the values of our organization or the high expectations that we have for our employees.”

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Dems are LOSING the Black Vote

When Democrats were unable to block the Civil Rights Act, Democrat President Lyndon Johnson is reputed to have said he’d sign it, because it would “keep niggers voting Democrat for 50 years.”

If he really said that, it was prophetic. Dems have had such a monolithic hold on Black voters that they’ve been able to totally ignore them in between campaign seasons. No more!

2018_10 22 Blacks for Trump

Rasmussen: “When it came to how black voters felt about Trump, Rasmussen found a surprising 36% approved of Trump’s job performance — even as mainstream news outlets have ratcheted up racially-charged coverage of the president.” That’s double what it was a year ago.

2018_10 Walk away

TONE DEAF: Jay-Z’s remark ought to play real well with all those blacks who are thrilled to be working. Not. When asked how he felt about the Trump economy’s record low black unemployment numbers, he said they aren’t important, because “money doesn’t equate to happiness.” His net worth is $930 million which he apparently does not share with his homies.

Kanye is not alone.

2018_10 Shaq

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What Should You Wear To Church?

Babylon Bee: A Handy Guide For Each Denomination

Whether you’re visiting your parents’ stuffy old Baptist church or piling into the family minivan because the kids are begging to ride the roller coaster at the sleek new megachurch down the street, the age-old question persists: what should you wear?

Wonder no longer, good and faithful servant. We sent a team of Babylon Bee agents to over two thousand churches, big and small, new and old, all across the land to research customs, dress codes, fashion do’s and fashion don’ts. This exhaustively researched article is the result, and it’s absolutely packed with helpful fashion tips.

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