Pete’s Posts…Insomniac Edition

I said when Mueller first started his phony inquisition more than 2 years ago he never intended to finish it before the midterms.

Mueller Ready To Deliver Key Findings In His Trump Probe After Midterms

The question of timing is critical. With the help of an army of media whores, those not paying attention will vote thinking there really may have been Trump-Russia collusion.

Mueller’s work won’t be concluded ahead of the Nov. 6 midterm elections, when Democrats hope to take control of the House and end Trump’s one-party hold on Washington.

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  1. If Mueller’s conclusions were in the Dems’ favor, the report would be out already, a big fat October Surprise.

    I’m not great in the political predictions biz, but watching Trump & Co. rallying the troops all across the country, and other factors like early voting counts, I’m pretty sure that the GOP will hold both houses, possibly gain some.

    The Mueller report will then be back-page news, showing what we always knew it was, a huge nothingburger. But by then the mobs will have moved on to whatever next ploy they’ve got – ramping up the rioting, I expect.

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