Nazi or Antifa? How to tell them apart

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Confirmed: Any FBI Investigation You Don’t Like Is Massive Conspiracy

Nation’s Democrats Reminisce about Pre-Kavanaugh Era When They Staunchly Defended Due Process

God Places Rainbow in Sky, Promising Never to Flood the Earth with Liberal Tears Again

Al Gore Predicts Massive Apocalypse if Billions Are Not Spent on His Books, Films


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3 responses to “Nazi or Antifa? How to tell them apart

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Short list of #DontBelieveTheWoman from Babylon Bee is mostly just truth, as opposed to satire. The only satire I see are the two biblical characters, since Democrats don’t read that racist, sexist, homphobic mess of fairy tales.

    Bill Clinton’s accusers
    Potiphar’s wife
    Conservative women
    Women who accuse Democratic candidates
    Sarah Sanders
    Any woman the left suddenly decides they don’t like anymore
    Nikki Haley
    Dana Loesch
    Women the Democrats no longer have a political need to exploit
    Melania Trump
    Cersei Baratheon
    Any woman who argues for pro-life causes

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