Exposing the Pedophile Senator

For those of you who are unaware, Robert Menendez’ biggest campaign contributor was a Florida dentist named Solomon Melgen, who has been convicted of more than 90 counts of Medicaid fraud.

The senator made numerous trips to the Dominican on Melgen’s private jet to have sex with underage prostitutes. Bill Clinton (and Hillary, allegedly) accompanied him on a number of trips.

Since Menendez is a Democrat, the media has never breathed a word of this, so his opponent has to.



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One response to “Exposing the Pedophile Senator

  1. rednig

    Nothing new for the demoncats. They were Hitler approved and still are good Nazis. In the 60s, Congressman Studd raped a 14-year-old page, then blackmailed his parents and him. Congress, the dems, gave him a standing ovation and he took the boy on a junket to Europe. Later, he died to AIDs. Not sure what happened to the boy. I say Hitler approved because they did everything in their power to save as many Nazis as they could before and after the show trial in Nuremberg. dnc/kkk=nazi party usa.


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