Trump Derangement

PASS IT ON: RNC Ad: “The Left in 2018: Unhinged”

RIDICULOUS: This incident was appalling, but blaming “Trump’s America” is absurd. In 1965, the woman sitting next to me on an airplane spilled her fresh cup of hot coffee down my leg. Her only response was to demand the flight attendant give her a fresh cup! Was that Donald Trump’s fault too? Sheesh.

OUT OF CONTEXT: Lefties are calling Trump a racist for saying Robert E. Lee was a great general. Yeah, dopes. He WAS a great general. And Trump was saying so to set up for talking about the scale of Grant’s accomplishment in defeating him.

NEW MEME: Since it doesn’t look like the Mueller probe is going to snare President Donald Trump on Russia, so Trump Haters are turning to a new meme. If Russia doesn’t own Trump, it must be Saudi Arabia that owns Trump!

ALSO MENTAL ISSUES: Another Dem talking point is busily circulating. I.e., “I’m not intolerant of different views. I just think anyone who doesn’t agree with me is certifiable.”

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  1. jbob45

    About four hundred years ago ruling brainiacs in Italy believed the earth was the center of the universe. Then along came Galileo. Some four hundred years later, ruling brainiacs in America believed Barry Blackberry was the center of the universe. Then along came Trump. Bwaaaahahahaa!