Don’t Believe THIS Woman!

A nasty white woman called 911 on a young black child she claimed had groped her. Thankfully, the video surveillance camera caught the entire incident. The kid maybe bumped the woman’s backside slightly with his backpack (:17), in response to which the woman makes very rude, sexual gestures at this boy who is maybe ten years old (:35).

Then the boy’s mother (probably) appears to confront the witch about her appalling behavior, at which Madame Crazy Pants ostentatiously dials 911. The police responded, upsetting the children and wasting everyone’s time. Several kind folks in this Twitter feed say they want to pay for the boy to have a fun day out.

Some legislator has reportedly decided to propose a law that calling 911 on an innocent black person should be a hate crime. Really? How about when the innocent person is not black?

We housed a homeless teen for a year who was targeted by a vindictive bitch over 89 cents after she inadvertently outed the woman’s adultery. The woman reported her for “stealing” a Coke. The fact is that both the girl and the clerk failed to notice that the Coke hadn’t been included when her purchases were rung up. But when she tried to go back and pay for it, the bitch manager called the cops. She never had ANY consequences, even though the police who responded were totally disgusted about having to even write the thing up!

Dearest missed work and the teen missed school FOUR TIMES to appear in court, because the incident was so STUPID that the DA couldn’t be bothered to do the paperwork or show up and the judge was so STUPID that he actually kept issuing continuances until the fourth time, when the charges were dropped. But again … the woman who called 911 never had to answer for a thing.

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