Why the Stock Market Crashed

During the entire 8 years of the Obama reign of terror, the Federal Reserve never raised the interest rate above 0%. Not once. That was thanks to Barry’s hand picked chairman, Janet Yellen. After Trump was inaugurated they started raising rates 1/4 point every quarter. A clear attempt to screw him over.

DOWpocalypse!! Stock market COLLAPSES, and Trump knows EXACTLY who’s TO BLAME!!

President Trump on Wednesday said the Federal Reserve “has gone crazy” with a series of planned interest rate increases after U.S. stocks suffered their worst daily losses since February.

Trump told reporters on Air Force One that the Fed had raised rates too quickly after being asked his reaction to Wednesday’s massive stock sell-off, according to pool reports.



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2 responses to “Why the Stock Market Crashed

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Knowing how astute Trump is, I have to wonder why he’s left Obama’s person in charge this long. I suspect Democrats think they’re playing checkers, while Trump is actually playing 3 dimensional chess.

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  2. I’m no stocks player. I pay attention to the Dow when it makes news. So, there’s been a slight downturn. As I recall it has been booming since Trump was elected, one record high after another, and even I know that just doesn’t last forever. Anyway, the correction is so minor considering the amount of growth, the small percent of value lost, it’s hardly a “crash.” Unless it’s your investments that declined, I guess.

    If this is a long-term trend starting, yeah, then that’s trouble. I’d guess the market should start booming along again any day. Trump could beat the margin of evil with Hillary. I’ll bet he can keep the economy growing enough to compensate for the Fed’s villainous manipulations as well!

    I read a comment elsewhere that this downturn is partly because it’s the time of year when something something taxes and reports, so investors are cashing in enough to pay for their cocaine. Heh. Aspects of economic fluctuation I would not have thought to consider.

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