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I Told You

Hillary Clinton: Democrats Won’t Be Civil to Republicans Until We Take Over

CtH: At which point they will again tell us to sit in the back and shut up while they, the “grownups” allegedly fix everything we allegedly broke.

The left is infested with a mob mentality. Take things by intimidation and force. Give no quarter. Use any means necessary to achieve power. Continue reading

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She’s Never Going Away

Hillary: Accusations Against Bill Were Nothing Like Those Against Kavanaugh

Hillary Clinton is firmly rejecting the idea that accusations against her husband are anything like the sexual misconduct allegations against new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh or President Donald Trump. Continue reading

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Backing the Badge

Recall the dark days when former emperor Obama would always accuse the police of wrongdoing out of hand with no evidence whatever. My opinion is it emboldened his minions to be more aggressive in confronting and killing officers. Imagine law enforcement, as with our military, welcome a leader who truly respects them and has their back.

Police chiefs’ group welcomes Donald Trump’s ‘unwavering’ support

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