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Missouri judge rules officials can’t tell voters photo ID required to cast ballot

Let’s be honest: Voter ID is not about “disenfranchisement” or racism. It’s about committing fraud on a massive scale. Always has been.

A Missouri judge on Tuesday ruled that state election officials can no longer spread materials that indicate voters must provide a photo ID in order to cast a ballot, Reuters reported.

Priorities USA, a Democratic super PAC that filed the lawsuit in June, hailed the ruling as a win for voting rights, Reuters reported.

The Missouri ruling came the same day that the Supreme Court declined to toss out an appeals court order that allows North Dakota to enforce its voter ID requirement during the 2018 elections.

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    This whole issue really confuses me. As I understand it, states are empowered to set their own rules about voting. So if a state passes a law requiring voter ID, then that’s the law. How does a court get away with saying, “No, you can’t enforce this law”?