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PUTER NEWS: Daddy Buzz graciously gifted me with his previous gaming computer, so I’ve been in the throes of the dreaded UPGRADE. It’s only made one trip to the puter ER for what turned out to be a stuck switch on the lid, which was preventing it from turning on at all. Gracious Tech Doc fixed it quickly and said, “No charge.” (Dontcha just love those two words!)

My latest angst was over how on God’s Green Earth to afford to get Word, Excel, and Photoshop back. My previous hand-me-down machine came with them, so I was all adrift. Sometimes the seas at the trailing edge of technology just go all flat, KWIM?

So … I emailed my favorite tech buddy and he sent me the links to FREE downloadable programs! I’m getting used to them now, so it’ll be a week or so before I’m back to happily working without having to think about my tools.

It’s like when you get a new car and you have to keep taking your mind off driving to think about where this or that button or pedal is. It really helps me get over the New Software Annoyance that my buddy saved HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS!!!

If anyone is interested, these are the programs. I also got CCleaner again, cuz that’s another free goodie that Tech Buddy recommended for my last machine. It’s super simple and I used it all the time to keep my hard drive running smoothly.

ALLIE ON CRTV: The midterms aren’t really about voting FOR Republicans as much as they are about voting AGAINST the radical far-left Democrats who are now running the party and, most recently, saying they openly oppose the U.S. Constitution.

2018_10 10 teacher resigns

PRO-ABORT VIOLENCE: My guess is that a lot of these outbursts are perpetrated by people who are in denial about the guilt they bear for having participated in murdering helpless unborn children.


I CAN’T EVEN … only if you’ve got a really strong stomach.

ONE WIN: As we’ve been seeing across the country, the “Drag Queen Story Hours” programs held at local libraries is one of the latest well-organized efforts of the radical LGBT movement to indoctrinate young children and change their perception of reality. A group of protesters in Atlanta got their library to cancel the practice.

HILLARY BACK WHEN: What Hillary had to say about believing women who accused her husband of sexual misconduct.

TRUMP: Between June 1 and Sept 30, ABC, CBS, and NBC offered 92% negative coverage of President Trump, despite record high economic numbers, record low unemployment numbers, and some major victories elsewhere. Yet the economy is the number one concern of voters. Despite the chronic nay-saying, Trump’s approval numbers equal or exceed those the media-darling’s Obama enjoyed during the same period.

LIAR LIAR: Then-acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe said he wore a wire and secretly recorded then-candidate Donald Trump as a joke. Former FBI general counsel James Baker told Congress last week that is not true. Baker was on the inside of the bureau’s leadership in May 2017, when the discussions occurred and he testified that the recording was part of a dead serious effort to collect evidence that could be used against Trump should he win the election.

HALEY TO LEAVE U.N.: U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley announced that she’ll be stepping down from her top diplomatic role at the end of the year. According to White House aids, President Trump has a list of 5 potential successors to Haley.

DEAD HEAT: Sen. Dean Heller, R-NV, has long been considered the most endangered Senate Republican seeking reelection this year. But a new Marist/NBC poll shows the race in a dead heat, with Heller at 46%, and pro-abortion Jacky Rosen at 44%.

RSV SEASON IS HERE: PLEASE don’t kiss the precious babies you love! Not their mouth, but also not their hands and not their sweet cheeks. Wash your hands, always. And forgive their mamas and daddies if they don’t want to take a chance exposing their little love to big germs at church, family gatherings, and parties. Sometimes being a homebody is the only way to prevent a virus from being shared. We all want our babies to stay well, this is just a small thing we each can do!

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