Obama’s Second Coming

Cory Booker, former mayor of the liberal toilet known as Newark, New Jersey, is now a U.S. Senator. I made a comment on Facebook that he intends to ascend the presidency like Obama did, based on nothing but his skin color. My comment was deleted and I was threatened for violating their “community standards.” One does not dare mention the identity politics that is the base for the Democrat philosophy. He just visited Iowa to stir up the true believers. His main competition will likely be Kamala Harris, a tramp who literally slept her way to the top. (I don’t dare say that on Facebook either.)

Analysis: Cory Booker wowed Iowa, one of many trips he’s made that could pay off in 2020

In about 40 minutes, Booker brought the Iowa crowd to its feet several times, building to a conclusion that invoked Martin Luther King Jr. to make it sound is if he were exhorting Democrats to channel their angst over President Donald Trump’s election and the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh into winning the governor’s office, control of the Legislature and battles for secretary of state and Congress.

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  1. Obama’s 2nd coming? I just watched Senator Cory Booker hails Ford’s courage in coming forward as ‘heroic’ – 1:15. Watching that smarmy Booker did bring back a familiar feeling of wanting to punch the off button (which is how my car’s radio got trashed during the Obama-Hillary years).

    As a palate cleanser, the first couple of minutes of Sen. Cruz on Cory Booker: That was 2020 presidential politics.

    I had been looking for anything about Trump talking about Booker. How has the Golden Scalpweasel not yet come up with a catchy nickname for Cory?