Bitter Beer Face

‘Shabby’! Morning Joe’s Bitter Beer Face Over GOP Downing Brewskis

Mika, Joe, Meacham, and Barnicle put on their bitter-beer faces this morning. They castigated Republicans for celebrating with brewskis, and ripped Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell for their roles.

“A shabby Senate, with a short-sighted, selfish, cynical, Majority Leader who cared more about his political party and his own political ambitions than the country itself,” said Joe.

Yes, this is the same Joe that just hectored the media: “Your job is not to beat a candidate, your job is to report the news.”

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  1. Pete, how’d you get that picture of me?

    They castigated Republicans for celebrating with brewskis…

    I rarely drink beer anymore, but I hoisted a glass of Fat Tire to the success of Kavanaugh. It tasted great. (Something Daughter suggested at the restaurant/bar where she works.)